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11 Simple Tips To Save Money On Groceries

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Do you spend way to much money at the grocery store? Buying things you want your family to eat but know they won’t? Im here to tell you, you don’t have to! I’ve put together a list of my mom proofed ways to save money on groceries, just for you! Before I started making these simple changes I was spending close to if not over 200 dollars a week, FOR THREE PEOPLE! I don’t know about you but that’s absurd! Continue reading to see how I started saving 100 dollars a week on groceries.

Grocery shopping is for people with actual time on their hands! OK OK so we all have to do it to survive! Unless your one of those determined people living off the land. Sadly this mama is not one of those people (which I totally wish I was).

Check out this post I wrote on 14 simple ways to start saving money fast! These are so easy even the busiest mama can do them!

Why do we constantly over spend at the grocery store when we know we can save money on groceries? Maybe because we’re so busy caring for our young that we just throw random things in our cart. Then only later on, deciding what were going to make with it instead of planning ahead just to speed up our shopping trip? Or maybe because we buy things thinking we will make something with it later but it just ends up sitting in the cupboard until its expiration.

I hate to say it but I used to be one of these people until I realized how much money I could save on groceries!

Here is my list of mom proofed ways to save money at the grocery store.

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11 ways to save money on groceries

1. Drinking less bottled water

According to Business insider, Americans spend over 11 billion dollars a year on bottled water. It may be convenient but it seems silly to spend that much on something we can get much cheaper out of our own faucet. If your anything like us, we were spending almost $200 a year just on bottled water and not even name brand water. This mama put that to a stop once my little one was off formula.

2. Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep

Let me say it louder for the moms in the back! This is probably one of the most important things you can do to save money. If you know exactly what you need ahead of time then it will help you from over buying, leading me into #3.

3. Make a list and stick to it

Not only will this save you money by buying only what you need, it will also save you time. If your even more determined, then organize your list into like items in order of the aisle at your local grocery store. That way you are not going to one end for something then looking down your shopping list and seeing you needed something all the way back and the other end.

4. Buy generic

Even if you are only buying a couple off brand items, you will still be saving some money. Some is better then none, right? I always feel like name brand items over charge for the same quality of generic. So your basically paying for the name.

5. Use coupons

If your shopping at a chain store like Kroger or Meijer, they have loyalty programs where you can add coupons straight to your account. No need to print them. In fact some grocery store will tell you on the sale tag if there is also a coupon you can download. Pretty amazing right?

6. Rebate apps

Apps likes Ibotta. I’ve used this one personally and just with Ibotta have made over $200 on items I’m already buying. Click the link below to join my team!


7. Markdowns or clearance

Every store has them. The other day I found chocolate chips on markdown for a dollar a bag and bought five bags. My husband was like “Do we really need these?” trying to rush me along. He wasn’t complaining when he was eating those almost free chocolate chip cookies now was he!

8. Go vegetarian

Meat can get pretty expensive, especially if you’re feeding a larger family. Go one meal a week without adding meat. Do that for a year and see the savings. Like I’ve said before, a little savings now adds up to a lot later!

9. Only buy sale items

I only ever buy things that are on sale, unless its something like bread or milk. Leading me into #10.

10. Stock up on sale items

If there are certain things you buy weekly watch for sales. Stock up and store or freeze them if you are able. This will save you tons of money down the road.

11. Avoid the snack isle

How many times have we went down the snack isle to grab a box of cookies and left with a cart full of sugar? Avoid this at all costs! If you are wanting to soothe a quick junk food craving, grab a snack of one of the end caps! It may not be the specific snack you were looking for but later on you will be thankful you didn’t stroll down the isle of goodies, especially if you have your kids with you.

Do you have more mom proofed ways to save money at the grocery store? Let us know in the comments, so we can help other mamas live a more frugal life:)

11 Simple Tips To Save Money On Groceries


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