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14 Simple Ways To Start Saving Money Fast

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Money can be such a stressor, especially, when you don’t have any! I think for most of us, one of the things we sacrifice when we have kids is money. Either because we spend it all on them (as were happy to do) or we leave our jobs so we can stay home and raise our children. Are you a busy mama trying to come up with simple and fast ways to start saving money for your growing family? Are you to busy running your kids around everywhere that you can’t even think about ways to save money right now. What if I told you saving money can be simple? Here are 14 ideas on how to start saving money fast. In fact, there so simple you can do them in your sleep. Seriously there that easy!

Being a mother is the most rewarding job in the world, but it is also one of the most demanding and time consuming jobs you will ever have! I read somewhere recently that the job of a mother is equivalent to working two full time jobs. Holy mackerel that is a crazy thought! No wonder we get nothing done, am I right mamas?

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to guess when saying “busy” is your daily motto!

I have compiled a list of ways to start saving money fast that every busy mom should know. No… I’m not going to say make all kinds of “easy” “short” calls to get your insurance or your phone bill lowered, because us anxiety filled mama’s have zero time for that!

Instead, I made a list of simple things you can do daily with out much effort at all. Is getting out of debt and on the right track sounding simple yet?

Here are 14 simple ways to start saving money fast

1. Dryer balls instead of dryer sheets

These are amazing, not only do you save time using them, but you save money and there good for the environment, too! I found these dryer balls on amazon and have never looked back. They will keep your clothes static free up to 1000 cycles. You may be thinking, dryer sheets aren’t all that expensive? But its the small differences you make that can have the biggest impact because the small stuff can add up to a lot over time!

Savings-For example; I always used bounce dryer sheets before this. That’s $6.49 for 120 dryer sheets. If these dryer balls cost less than 8 bucks and can last up to 1000 washes. That’s almost nothing per load of laundry. BUT… for 1000 loads of laundry with dryer sheets that will cost $54.08 per 1000 washes. So you will save $46 dollars per 1000 loads of laundry. Doesn’t this make frugal living much more doable?

2. Using less paper towels

If your husband is anything like mine, then he is very particular on what brand he likes. Sadly for me, its not the cheap kind. Instead of taking them out of our life completely, I pay attention to how much I’m using. If I can use a towel or rag instead of a paper towel I will, and then throw the rag in the wash to be reused. You can find cheap wash cloths almost anywhere. I found mine on amazon, a 60 pack for $29.99 and will use those to clean up before I use paper towels.

Savings– we used about one 6 pack of paper towels every two weeks. So in one year we would spend, about give or take a few, $250 a year just on paper towels! That’s more than a $200 dollar savings.

Side note- baby wipes are cheaper than paper towels. If its a wet dirty mess, I will usually use a baby wipe first. My little boy is still in diapers so I always have them laying around.

3. Cloth diapers

I know what your thinking! Cloth diapers are gross, I would rather just toss the paper diapers in the diaper genie and move on with my day. I feel ya sister, but it might be worth saving the money on paper diapers.

Savings- if you use 1 box of pampers diapers every two weeks (it will be more for the newborn stage) in one year it will cost you $649.74 on paper diapers. Cloth diapers, if you buy three 6 packs with 12 diaper inserts each pack that’s $89.97 a year. You will save $559.77 a year on diapers.

4. Line under toilet paper trick

A toddler learning to use the bathroom.

Toilet paper isn’t cheap. Try this life hack! Do your kids use an excess amount of paper when using the bathroom? Make it fun and grab some washi tape and make a line under the toilet paper roll so they know exactly how much to take. This will make your rolls last longer and saving you money:)

Savings- if this saves you one roll a week that would be a 52 dollar a year savings.

5. Stop eating out

You will not believe how much us busy mamas spend eating out and most of the time, we don’t even realize how often we do it! According to The Nest the average American household spends, are you ready for this? $3365 dinning out. How many of us are guilt of eating out a ton when we already bought enough groceries for the week? Did I mention being a parent is tiring? I know sometimes we don’t have the energy to cook, but the savings are astronomical.

Savings- $3365 a year

A woman adding money to her piggy bank.

6. Pack your lunch

A mother packing her childs lunch in the morning.

This falls in line with #5. Pack you and your kids lunch the night before instead of waiting until the morning when your to tired and just give your kids lunch money to buy their lunch.

7. Turn off lights and TV’s

A family watching tv before going to bed for the night.

How many times do we leave the light on when we leave or forget to turn off the tv when we go to bed?

Savings- if you have a 48″ tv and you leave it on all night (say 8 hours) that is a loss of between $2.37 and $3.52 per night. Even more if you have a bigger tv. I based these results off of Canstar bBlues estimates.

8. Wait for sales

A sale sign.

I do this for everything. If its not on sale, I don’t buy it!

9. Lower your thermostat by a couple degrees

I found to be helpful in determining what temperature to place your thermostat.

Savings- according to Direct Energy “estimates savings of about 1 percent for each degree of thermostat adjustment per 8 hours, and recommends turning thermostat back 7-10 degrees from there normal setting for 8 hours per day to achieve annual savings of up to 10%” So if your annual energy bill is $720 then you could save up to $72 dollars a year. That’s a rough estimate on my part but like I said before a small change can make a big difference.

Are you convinced that you can start saving money fast yet? Keep reading to learn more ways to start saving money fast.

10. Cancel your gym membership

So that rambunctious new years resolution you had to get in shape didn’t really pan out, because what mom has the time for that? I had a membership for 2 years at 10$ a month and only went maybe 5 times because I was so busy. Say bye, Felisha and cancel your membership!

Savings- $120 a year

11. Swap baby sitters

Instead of paying the neighbors grand kid to babysit, join a mom group in your area and offer to take turns babysitting each others kids. Not that you need to hear this, but get to know them first and make sure it’s someone you trust!

Savings- depending on the baby sitter which can cost starting at about $10 an hr. lets say you need them only 5 hours a week. That’s a $260 a year savings, and that’s on the low end.

12. Return Items you don’t use

I cant even count the times I have wanted to return something and didn’t return it. Even though I had every intention to, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Savings- for me, I waste at least $300 a year on things I don’t return.

13. Get rid of cable

Not only is watching cable constantly, unhealthy, it is expensive to. Cancel your plan and sign up with Netflix, hulu or amazon! It is so much cheaper and they have a really great selection for everyone!

Savings- around $200 dollars or more a year

14. Grocery Pickup

Ordering your groceries online and picking them up in the store is not only an easy way to save money but its much more convenient for us busy mamas struggling to find enough time in the day.

Check out this post I wrote on 11 quick and easy ways to save money at the grocery store.

Savings- I save around $40 a week doing grocery pickup and $2080 a year and that’s actually on the low end for me.

A piggy bank getting fed coins

Saving money is so much simpler then you realize. Its saving money on small things now, that add up to a lot later. Trust me, those burgers you stopped getting on your way home from work alone could save you thousands of dollars a year.

Set a weekly plan along with a budget and watch the savings begin.

Do you have easy ways to start saving money fast not mentioned above? Let us know so we can help other moms live a more frugal life:)


I am a loving wife of 6 years and mother of a beautiful, smart and ever growing two year old, whom I can talk about endlessly! My main goal in life, besides being the best mother and wife I can be, is to be a resource for mothers to help you live the best life you can. Do you ever feel like you have a bigger purpose in life then just living out your days? This is a constant feeling of mine and its my main motivation for starting this mom blog! We will talk about everything from; pregnancy, baby and toddler related. From their dirty diaper to keeping them entertained in a healthy way to finding ways to organize your home for easier cleanup so there can be less overwhelm and more time to doing the things you love!

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