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15 Easy At Home Activities For Your Busy Toddler

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Are you a busy momma with toddlers running around the house causing maham? Do your toddlers seem extra irritable and bored? Your in luck, becasue I have come up with 15 easy at home activities for your busy toddler. The best part, no need to buy any fancy toys or gadgets for these activities. They can all be done with things you probably already have laying around the house. If by chance you don’t have them laying around then the dollar store can be your best friend! I am all about teaching at every opportunity.

15 at home activities for your busy toddler

1. Backyard obstacle course

You can use anything from tree branches to anything laying around the house. This is sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours. You can even enlist the help of your kids to find objects to use that might jump start your imagination.

2. Roast marshmallows on the stove

Ok, you will probably have to buy the marshmellos but, hello dollar store! Need a skewer? Just look at mother nature for a fallen stick. If you can’t find anything to skewer it with, try baking them in the oven. They turn out just as delicious and your toddlers will love them! You could even turn the oven light on so they can watch the magic happen. Like I said before I’m all about turning anything into a learning experience.

3. Play with flash cards

If you don’t have flash cards laying around you can cut pieces of paper and color or draw on them. This is a good way to teach colors or shapes or really anything to your toddler.

My sons version of playing with flash cards is dumping them on the ground and putting them back in the box. He will literally do this for an hour. Which is the perfect time for momma to get some chores done around the house!

4. Scavenger hunt in the backyard

This activity is perfect for any season. Get a FREE NATURE SCAVENGER HUNT PRINTABLE in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY! I promise your kids will have a blast searching through the backyard to complete the scavenger hunt. Not only will they get fresh air, they will be able to explore what each thing on the list is.

5. Backyard Picnic

Grab a couple PB’J’s, a blanket and your toddlers favorite drink. All stuffed animals, Barbie’s and dinosaurs invited!

6. Play dress up

No dress up clothes, no problem! Try on some of mom and dads best attire! After all your little ones want to be just like you!

7. Play with sidewalk chalk

This is actually how my toddler has learned shapes and colors. We have a paved area in the backyard and everyday (except bad weather days) we go outside and as he is dumping his chalk and putting them back in the box, I’m drawing shapes and coloring them different colors. The best part is there is no cleanup!

8. Wash outdoor toys

Have you been meaning to give your car or even the house a bath? Your toddler will love helping with this. Just grab a soapy bucket and some rags and put your little rascal to work! My boy loves helping me wash his water table and slide, he also loves watering the grass with the hose.

9. Bath time

I have yet to meet a baby that doesn’t love water! Get creative with bath time as you can do almost anything in the tub you can do out of the tub! My toddler loves playing peek a boo with the shower curtain. You could even let your toddler give their toys or Barbie’s a bath.

10. Play in the sprinkler or hose

My kiddo loves this but in very small intervals because he is very particular with cold water.

11. Build a fort

What kid doesn’t love playing in a fort? You can use anything, our favorite is using the couch cushions and a ton of blankets to build a fort. Throw in a couple of toys and your all set.

12. Do laundry together

I think its written in children’s DNA somewhere that says how much your kids want to be just like you. I let my son help me put the laundry in the dryer and fold the laundry, or attempt to fold anyway. His favorite thing is helping match all his socks and now its become one of his favorite things to do. He will even undo all his socks so we can match them together. It was nice to see how quick he learned to match things once he started helping me with laundry.

Did I mention I’m all about teaching at every opportunity.

13. Color or paint old boxes

I know I’m not the only amazon enthusiast! By the way, its so much easier to order off amazon where stuff is sent right to my house then it is to actually go to the store to get what I need. Grab those old cardboard boxes and let their imagination go to work! You can even tear the boxes down so they can color the inside for even more space.

14. Draw a picture for every family member

Not only will family love getting their favorite little persons art, its a good way to see how your child views the people closest to them (you can never be to careful)

15. Make music

Pots and pans are perfect for making an awesome beat.

There are so many things you can do at home with stuff you already have and your toddlers will have a blast doing it. That’s why this list of 15 easy at home activities for your busy toddler is perfect for you!


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