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15 Toddler Bath Time Activities

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My toddler loves bath time. In fact, before I’m even done saying “time for a bath” he’s already running to the tub. By the way, I’m totally convinced he was a little merman in a past life. Bath time doesn’t have to be a drag or a chore that you dread doing. Keep reading and I will show you how to take toddler bath time to a whole new level!

There are so many different things you can do to make bath time fun for your toddler. Like have a bath tub pool party, painting or even watching ice melt. Stick with me and together we can make bath time fun again!

15 Toddler bath time activities

1. Bath time pool party

Mama.papa.bubba. explains how you can have the best and simplest pool party ever! All you need is a bath full of water, blue gel food coloring, floaties and pool toys!

2. Painting party

Modernly morgan has a great recipe on mixing together bath paint and the best part is how simple it is to make! All you need is bath soap, cornstarch, water and food coloring and your good to go! You could also use foam shaving cream and food coloring, which is my go to for my sons bath time.

3. Blocks bath

Your toddler will love playing with Blocks in the bath tub. They are so used to playing with them on the living room floor they will think its a brand new toy in the bathtub.

4. Bubble party

This one is super simple. All you do is fill the tub with a ton of bubbles and make beards and funny hairdos out of bubbles. You could even hunt for toys that have sunk to the bottom of the tub or grab a bottle of bubbles from the dollar store and blow away. My son loves doing this!

5. Glow sticks in the tub

This is such a fun idea and all you need are glow sticks. Turn off the bathroom light for an amazing glow in the dark bath your toddler will love, time and time again!

6. Ice cube bath

Did someone say science experiment? This one will take a little preparation as the ice has to actually become ice in the freezer ahead of time. But its a fun and cute idea for your growing toddler! All you have to do is grab an ice tray and fill with water. You can put almost anything you can think of in the ice trays from glitter, to food coloring to little toys. Once the water has been frozen, your little toddler can watch the ice melt in the tub.

7. Bath Bombs

This is such a cool idea that I know your toddler will love! Honestly Modern has an easy homemade bath bomb recipe you can make at home or you can buy them anywhere from the grocery store to amazon.

8. Bath crayons

Whimsyroo shows you how you can make bath crayons simply and easily at home. All you need is white bar soap, food coloring, warm water and a silicone ice cube tray. Don’t have time to make them yourself? You can find them at any local store, I found mine at target!

9. Playdough

Kimspired Diy has a cute two ingredient recipe on making an edible playdough.

10. Squirt bottle fun

Fill a squirt bottle with water and gel food coloring. Give it a nice shake and spray away. Don’t have a spray bottle laying around? Check out the dollar store for a dollar spray bottle (talk about cheap fun).

11. Popsicle

My favorite place to give my toddler a popsicle is in the bathtub. This is so nice because all the mess and drippies (is that a word?) from the popsicle go down the drain instead of on the floor. Plus cleaning your baby up after a messy treat is easier when their already in the tub!

12. Color themed bath

Here’s how this works. For each bath put a different color of food coloring gel in the tub, then only grab toys containing only that color in the bathtub. This is a good way to teach colors because they literally only have one color to focus on at a time!

13. Bathtub race track

Any car enthusiast toddler will love this one. Stir the wonder shows you just how easy it is to make a racetrack in the bathtub. The best part is how simple it is, all you need are scissors, craft foam and permanent marker of various colors.

14. Picnic in the tub

Grab some sort of short stool or something to lay the short way over your bathtub to put things on. Then grab all your toddlers play food and a toddler approved plate and watch them whip up something delicious to eat.

15. Paint the tub

Who said you needed water to play in the bathtub? Grab some paint and a paintbrush and let your toddlers imagination create. Another good painting recipes comes from emma owl and the best part is its perfect for your little ones with sensitive skin.

Bath time has quickly become one of my sons all time favorite things to do and I’m convinced it could be your toddlers favorite time to!


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