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19 Date Night Ideas For Busy Parents

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Its no secret that after having kids, romance falls into the background. According to Matthew D Johnsons research in the development course of marital distress and family dysfunction, supports what we’ve probably known all along. I mean what else could we expect, we have little minions waking up before the sun, having to make them breakfast and supporting their every need, school and work, sports, doctor appointments, tantrums, then dinner and bed and getting up with them in the night. All for it to start all over again the next day. There’s hardly enough hours in the day to get the minimum amount done to keep our homes running smoothly, let alone finding time to date our spouse. Want to get a list of 30 questions to ask your spouse for date night? Check out my Free Resource Library to print a copy of 30 questions to ask your spouse for date night!

Its so important to keep the spark alive in you and your spouses relationship if you want to keep a happy marriage after kids. That’s why finding ways to date your spouse is so important. We devote so much of our life caring for our children that we sometimes forget that we have to work on our own relationship. So lets talk about date night and ways to keep the spark alive.

How can we have date night with zero time to spare you ask? Keeping things simple! Simplicity isn’t a bad thing, in fact its the small things that can have the biggest impact. For me, when ever my husband cooks us dinner or runs me a nice bubble bath after a long day, is when I appreciate him the most in a romantic sense (if that makes sense?).

Parenting keeps you so busy, heres how to date your spouse

Here are 19 date night ideas for busy parents

1. Dinner and dessert by candle light.

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant four course meal. Something as simple as spaghetti and a bowl of your favorite ice cream. We will feed the minion first and let him play in another baby proofed room, while we enjoy a more quiet dinner together. Try this easy potato soup recipe for dinner.

2. Bubble bath for two

This is perfect for after the kids go to bed . Don’t forget the wine!

3. Movie and popcorn on the sofa

Choose a romantic movie or take turns picking the movie. Either way just doing something, just the two of you is enough! This is our go to date night, we usually have a show we both watch together and only together after our son goes to bed.

4. Take a walk around the neighborhood

Even if you have to take the munchkins for this one, make sure to hold hands to add in some affection!

5. Picnic in the backyard

Lay out a nice oversized beach towel while the kids nap and enjoy a nice outdoor (change of scenery) meal together.

6. Smores on the stove

Who says chocolate and marshmallows are for the kids? Grab some skewers, jumbo marshmallows and a chocolate bar for an easy and romantic dessert.

7. Adult beverage for two

After the kids bedtime, sneak out to the porch for a nice cold one together while enjoying each others company.

8. Cook a new meal together

9. Have a bonfire

10. Do a DIY project together

Have a project around the house that needs to get done?

11. Dance party

Play your favorite soft music and slow dance in the living room together.

12. Play a game

Who says games are just for kids? Did someone say Twister?

13. Read a good book together

14. Talk

You can each put questions into a jar and take turns picking one out to get to re know each other. Check out my Free Resource Library for my favorite list of 30 questions to ask your spouse for date night!

15. Workout

Nothing connects you more then getting a good sweat in together.

16. Massage

Set up a relaxing space where you can give each other full body massages (this is my favorite).

17. Create a bucket list together

One year, five years or lifetime, come up with a list of things you want to do with each other. Remember, this one doesn’t have to stay PG!

18. Shower for two

19. At home wine tasting

It’s so easy to get lost in parenthood that we forget we have to make a conscious effort to make time for each other. But no matter what you decide to do, making date night a regular occurrence will make all the difference in your love life!

Did you like these date night ideas for busy parents? Do you have other at home date night ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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