Toddler playing outside in the spring time

24 Top Spring Outdoor Activities For Your Growing Toddler

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Spring, what a beautiful time of year! Birds chirping, rain pouring, nature blooming! The fresh smell of mother nature peaking out from under the pile of snow, that soon will melt away. I think I speak for us all when I say how incredibly long this winter has been. I mean was it ever going to end? If your kids are anything like mine then their beyond ready for these spring outdoor activities for toddlers that can be done in their own backyard.

As mothers we want nothing more then to help our children grow into beautiful, smart and successful adults. The lessons we teach them now will help determine the individuals they will develop into in the future.

With spring approaching I’ve come up with 24 great ways to get your toddler outside and engaged with nature. After all, they’ve been cooped up waiting out winter for what feels like an eternity ( for us moms anyway).

Here are 24 outdoor activities for toddlers

1. Play in a sandbox

To make this even cheaper then buying an actual kid sandbox that range anywhere from $35 on up, you could buy a baby sized pool you can find anywhere pretty cheap, like for less then 10 dollars. All you have to do is fill it with sand! As an added bonus for winter months, bring this indoors and use for a ball pit.

Toddler boy picking flowers outside in the spring

2. Investigate the yard with a magnifying glass

3. Ride a bike

4. Plant a garden

5. Make a bird feeder

6. Nature scavenger hunt

7. Have an outdoor picnic

8. Play soccer

9. Color the patio with sidewalk chalk

10. Play catch with a beach ball

11.Read a book about nature

12. Make a scrapbook of leaves

13. Play with bubbles

14. Grab an easel and draw/paint a tree

15. Lay out cardboard and paint

16. Hide and seek

17. Hula hoop

18. Make garden soup using leaves, twigs and flower clippings

19. Lay out a blanket and find shapes in the clouds

20. Have an outdoor dance party

21. Pitch a tent for daytime camping

22. Play with the dog

23. Good old fashioned game of tag

24. Fly a kite

All of these activities are things you can do in your own back yard, which is perfect for busy moms!

Do you have more spring outdoor activities for toddlers you’d love to share with other moms? Drop them in the comments below:)


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