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25 Low Prep Educational Toddler Activities To Do At Home

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Are you looking for low prep educational activities for your busy toddlers? Then you are in the right place! I have compiled a list of 25 low prep educational toddler activities that my toddler loves, and I know your toddlers will love them too! They keep him entertained for hours and did I mention there educational? Want to print a free Indoor Scavenger Hunt printable for your toddlers to explore your home? You can find that along with other amazing printables in my Free Resource Library.

All of these activities are low prep and you can find most of the supplies already in your home, which means you will be spending almost nothing to entertain your toddler in an educational way. The best part is all of these activities you can do indoors, which means mama will get a lot done with your toddler being so engaged with these activities for hours.

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Here are 25 low prep educational toddler activities

1. Stacking Solo Cups

Stacking solo cups

We have a tradition with my family by getting together once a month for family game night, so we always have solo cups at the house. Grab a stack and let your toddler stack and unstack them. My toddler loved this so much he took his stack of cups with him while he ate dinner.

2. Sticker Art

What toddler doesn’t love stickers? Draw different kind of lines or shapes or letters on a piece of paper and let your toddler sticker only on the line. This will help them learn coordination along with learning what different lines and shapes and letters are. Here are the stickers my son loves although you can find stickers almost everywhere.

3. Card Slot

toddler putting cards in a card slot

This will be so much fun for your little ones. You can take anything to make this, I’ve used old puff containers, lil’ Crunchies containers (does anyone else’s kid want to eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner?), and old oatmeal containers. All you have to do is clean out the container and cut a slit in the lid allowing enough space for a card to pass through. We use educational flash cards for this one instead of a deck of cards.

4. Plastic Egg Find

Do you have old plastic Easter eggs? I always buy these after the season to get a discount. Grab some and fill with snacks or small toys they already own and hide them around the house. Let the kids find them as a contest to see who finds the most. They will also love the excitement of seeing what’s in each egg.

5. Road Track On The Floor

This one is inspired by my sons love of cars and everything related to it. Take some masking tape and tape a track around the room and let your kids drive their cars through them. This will keep them busy while letting their imagination go wild.

6. Old Paper Rolls And Pom Poms

Take old paper towel rolls or toilet paper roll and using crayon, paint or chalk and draw a circle with a different color on each. Tape the rolls to the wall next to each other and let your toddler sort through all the pom poms. Putting only the correct color in each roll. You will want to put a small bowl on the bottom of each roll so they can see each color collect.

7. Cookie Sheet Magnets

Magnets on a cookie sheet for simple fun

This is the easiest activity you will find. Take any cookie sheet or baking sheet that the magnets can stick to for endless amounts of toddler fun.

8. Cookie Cutters and Play-Doh

Take any kind of cookie cutter and let them cut out the shapes in the play-doh.

9. Fruit loops on Spaghetti String

This doesn’t just have to be for babies. Stick an uncooked spaghetti into a piece of play-doh so it is able to stand straight up, do this for all the colors you want. Then let them sort the fruit loops by placing like colors on each piece of spaghetti. If you have the colors you can even stick each piece of spaghetti to a different color play-doh and that will tell your toddler what color to put on each piece of spaghetti.

10. Balls In A Box

Grab one of your old amazon boxes or even a laundry basket will work. Grab every ball in your house and watch your toddler learn coordination by throwing the different sized balls in the box (don’t do near a window).

11. Giant Box Art

Find a giant box and let your toddler go inside it and paint or draw with chalk or decorate the box inside and out. My son colored his with crayon, chalk and put stickers around the whole thing. This kept him so busy, he would work on it for a while and then come back to work on it more later. This created hours of entertainment for him.

12. Baby Wipes

Let them take baby wipes in and out of the container. This might be more for smaller toddlers but they will have tons and tons of fun doing it.

13. Reusable stickers

Did you know reusable stickers are perfect window decorations? We have sliding glass doors leading to the back yard and my son loves moving his reusable dinosaur stickers all around the door.

14. Paper Tunnels

All you need is some masking tape, construction paper and small balls. Bend the paper to make an arch and tape it to the floor. Then your little can take small balls and try and get them through the tunnels. Give them a stick of some sort and let them practice their golf skills for an added challenge.

15. Giant Roll Of Paper

Grab a giant roll of paper, we got ours at home depot and let your toddler create. Use chalk, paint, markers, crayons or even play-doh. This is one of the ways I taught my son different shapes.

16. Free the animal

Do you have rubber bands or hair ties laying around? Grab one of their animal figurines and wrap rubber bands around them and let your toddlers set them free.

17. Blowing Bubbles

Little boy blowing bubbles

Who says bubbles are only for the outdoors? They don’t make that big of a mess or a mess at all unless they dump them. Let your toddler go around the house blowing bubbles and trying to catch them.

18. A muffin tin

Fill a bowl with dried rice and a scoop of some sort and let your kids fill each section of the muffin tin with dried rice.

19. Housework

Did you know your toddler loves to be helpful and what perfect way them helping mom with chores, right? My son loves to help me switch over the laundry, match socks and throwing things in the garbage. Amazon also has this really cute broom set that my toddler loves.

20. Bowling

Still have those solo cups laying around? Stack them like they do in a bowling alley and let them throw a ball at them and see how good they get.

21. Sorting Pom Poms

Grab different colored construction paper and pom poms. Watch your toddler sort them by like colors on the construction paper.

22. Colander and pipe cleaner

Let your toddler tangle the pipe cleaners through out your strainer for unlimited amounts of fun.

23. Coloring Pages

Let your toddler color their little hearts out. If you don’t have a coloring book you can draw a simple picture on paper and let them color that.

24. Cupcake Tin

Grab a cupcake tin and some ball bit balls or any smaller balls you have and let them fill the cupcake tin with them. They will love this!

25. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Want to print an indoor scavenger hunt for your toddlers? You can find it in my Free Resource Library along with all kind of amazing printables. You can also check out this post on an Outdoor Nature Scavenger hunt for more outdoor fun.

There are so many simple low prep educational toddler activities you can do especially with things that you probably already have. Do you have simple activities to share? Join our group Simplifying Mamahood on Facebook so other mama’s can get inspired by you.


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