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83 Simple Plastic Easter Egg Filler Ideas For All Ages

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We have just planned our first ever Easter egg hunt. Now comes the best part, filling the eggs. Have you been thinking long and hard about what to put in those Easter eggs but can’t seem to find any creative ideas that all your kids would love? Not to worry because I have come up with this list of simple Easter egg fillers just for you!

If your anything like me then your a natural giver, so the fact that I am able to give so many different little things away is so exciting to me. These are simple yet fun Easter egg fillers that you probably wouldn’t have thought of.

There are so many fun things you can add to plastic Easter eggs for kids of any age. I have come up with a list of 83 creative ideas just for you!

There are three lists, one for smaller kids, one for bigger kids and one for teenagers. You will see a couple repeats from one list to the other only because I wanted to show the idea could be for either age group. So lets dig right into the fun of filling our Easter eggs!

Here is a list of 40 simple Easter egg fillers for little kids

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1. Bubbles

2. Candy

3. Cheerios

4. Mini pretzels

5. Finger puppets

6. Fruit snacks

7. Gold fish

8. Stickers

9. Sponge capsules

10. Play-doh

11. Stamps

12. Chalk

13. Mini plush toys

14. Cuties ( mini oranges)

15. Bouncy balls

16. Inflatable beach balls

17. Balloons– fill with helium

18. Barbie accessories

19. Confetti– perfect for sensory play

20. Coupon for ice cream

21. Flashcards

22. Slinky

23. Money

24. Coins- for their piggy bank

25. Small figurines

26. Hair clips/bows

27. Crayons

28. Piggy bank

29. Dress up clothes

30. Easter matching egg set

31. Lip balm

32. Glow in the dark sticks ( you may have to bend them)

33. Craft supplies

34. Lego Duplo pieces

35. Plastic bugs

36. Cool socks

37. Small squishy toys

38. Kaleidoscope flower garden

39. Mini skateboard

40. Wooden recorder

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Here is a list of 18 simple Easter egg fillers for bigger kids

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1. Candy

2. Fruit snacks

3. Confetti

4. Coupon for ice cream

5. Baseball cards

6. Yoyo

7. Golf balls

8. Amazon gift card

9. Temporary tattoos

10. Lip balm

11. Beads to make jewelry

12. Nail stickers

13. Craft supplies

14. Colorful socks

15. Flower seeds

16. Colored hair extensions

17. Art supplies

18. Mini skate board

Here is a list of 25 simple Easter egg fillers for teenagers

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1. Headbands

2. Earbuds

3. Pop socket

4. Phone charger

5. Kick stand for phone

6. Amazon gift card

7. Movie tickets

8. Fidget spinner

9. Face mask

10. Note reveling bigger gift

11. Protective pocket case for earbuds

12. Money

13. Yoyo

14. Gum

15. Lip balm

16. Colorful shoe laces

17. Nail polish set

18. Safety key chain

19. Earings

20. Colorful socks

21. Mints

22. Mini lotion

23. Mini compact mirror

24. Key chain flashlight

25. Golf balls

You don’t have to break the bank to fill Easter eggs, especially if your doing it on a larger scale.

There are so many places to get egg fillers besides the seasonal section of any store! Look at places like the dollar store, craft stores, or even online you can get large packs of fillers for cheap.

Make sure you are checking all clearance spots as well because if you have been following me for any amount of time, then you know I’m a bit of a penny pincher and don’t buy anything unless its a good deal!

Do you love these simple Easter egg fillers or have other creative egg filler ideas? let us know in the comments below what’s in your Easter baskets.


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Easter egg filler ideas


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