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9 Interactive Books To Keep Your Toddler Reading

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Is reading to your toddler on your daily bucket list but they just seem to have zero interest in sitting down to read? Naturally, toddlers have an abundance of energy to burn and find it difficult to sit still. Thinking of it like that, no wonder my toddler doesn’t want to sit and let me read to him! That’s why these must have interactive toddler books are so wonderful to have!

I thought that since I have read to my baby almost every night since he was a newborn then it would naturally become an easy, nightly routine. Oh boy was I wrong. My toddler seemed to enjoy doing everything but sitting down and reading. I tried for months and months to find a book that he would like. Then I came to a realization!

That’s when I realized its not what the book is about but rather, how interactive the book is. You see, toddlers have to be doing something, always! So if you give them a book that lets them play at the same time they will be much more interested in reading it.

There are tons and tons of interactive books to get your toddler reading but I have come up with a list of my toddlers favorite interactive books that I know your little ones will love.

9 Interactive toddler books

1. Usborne- Listen and Learn First English Words

My son loves this one because he can press the buttons to hear what each picture is and let’s face it, what toddler doesn’t love to pressing buttons.

2. Barnyard Boogie

This one is great because it’s a puppet in a book. I’m reading it as if the puppet is telling the story and my little one cracks up with this talking donkey!

3. Peek a boo

There are a ton of peek a boo books or look at me books that have mirrors or pages with flaps. Your toddler will love copying what the book says while watching himself in the mirror or the surprise of what’s under each flap. I Know my toddler loves it!

4. Sea Life

This one is great because its a textured book, so you can keep your toddlers attention to the sea creatures with the texture on each image.

5. Noisy Farm

This one is also a texture book so they can feel each animal.

6. Chomp Goes The Alligator

Your toddler will love this slide out book.

7. Trucks

This is a slide and find book your little will love!

8. Ten in the Bed

This will teach your child to count while making the pages fun to turn.

9. Wheels on the go

Reading is so rewarding for your toddler as it promotes language skills. The more you read to your child the more likely they are to say more words.

Isn’t that ultimately our main goal?

Trying to get them to say as many words as we can? Maybe that’s just me, who knows!

These must have interactive books were a game changer for my little one. He started letting me read to him more and just in a short while of daily reading he has already started trying to say more words! That’s amazing to me because I have been feeling like we are behind on his talking skills.

A little money saving tip– Don’t buy these books new, look on garage sale sites or second hand stores. You can also find a mom group on Facebook and see if any are looking to get rid of their old used books. A lot of our books are hand me downs and I couldn’t be happier with them! Especially since your littles will more then likely damage them in some way, so spending a ton of money on them to me, is a little painful!

Do you struggle to get your toddler interested in reading? Check out this post I wrote on ways you can get your toddler interested in reading.

Do you have a favorite interactive book your little adores? Let us know in the comments so we can help other mammas entertain their curious toddlers:)

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Interactive books for toddlers

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