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Beautiful Unique Baby Girl Names You Will Want To Name Your Daughter

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Finding a unique baby girl name you will love for your precious bundle is one of the toughest decisions you will make, and probably the most drawn out.

By the way, here are 40 more adorable baby girl names you will ABSOLUTELY love if you need a few more name ideas.

When I was pregnant with my son, it took months and months for me to settle on a name and even then, I wasn’t totally convinced it was the right choice! Because let’s face it, a name means a lot to us.

You can’t just pick any old name and call it a day. The name has to represent you, after all its YOUR OFFSPRING. I came up with this list of unique baby girl names that you will absolutely adore!

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Baby girl names

1. Emma

2. Autumn

3. Sophia

4. Brooklyn

5. Alice

6. Elizabeth

7. Faith

8. Grace

9. Madison

10. Isabella

11. Natalie

12. Allie

13. Charlotte

14. Haley

15. Harper

16. Sailor

17. McKenna

18. Hanna

19. Molly

20. Scarlett

21. Alexandria

22. Kylie

23. Paisley

24. Lucy

25. Rose

26. Sadie

27. Jade

28. Audrey

29. Skye

30. Clover

31. Raine

32. River

33. Avery

34. Melody

35. Hope

36. Luna

37. Harley

38. May

39. Daisy

40. Haven

This list of unique baby girl names are my all time favorite names! I totally wish I was one of those 19 kids and counting parents because I’d already have most of my favorite names used up:)

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I hope you enjoyed this list and would love to hear what you named your precious angel in the comments!

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