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Why Clutter Causes Stress and anxiety

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Do you have toys scattered all over the house, dishes piling up in the sink, school papers in random piles through out each room, hundreds of emails in your inbox, clothes you don’t wear in your closet or 20 Tupperware containers with 38 lids and an endless pile of laundry? These are all things that cause extra (and defiantly not needed) stress and anxiety. These are often things that happen due to the fact that us mamas have very little time to concur these tasks. We spend what little time we have doing other “more important” tasks, like giving our babies a bath or cuddling them on the couch before bed. I have come up with the perfect 5 day challenge to simplify your life. In this challenge you will get an email everyday for 5 days with a very manageable task. The goal is to start simplifying your life now to start living a life you love and allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love, like cuddling your little’s on the couch. All you have to do is sign up below and I will send you the challenge. Did you know all clutter causes stress?

Let’s talk about clutter, what is it?

Clutter is basically a collection of items laying around in an untidy mess. Things like toys laying all around the house, counters full of anything and everything, fridge stacked with old condiments and leftovers, even old magazines you keep meaning to read. Anything that does not have a “home” is considered clutter. Have you thought about decluttering your home? Here is a post I wrote how you can easily declutter your home.

Clutter often makes our homes look dirty even when they are not. This is a big problem for us mamas that have smaller homes with a ton of stuff.

How does clutter affect me?

Clutter affects everyone because clutter causes stress. If you live in even a little clutter it is hindering your emotional state, and we need to be in a healthy emotional state for our kids don’t we? So how does it affect me? I have a free printable decluttering checklist in my Free Resource Library that will help you understand and check off what you need to declutter in each area of your home. This is a very useful tool just for you!

1. Clutter over stimulates all of your senses by overloading them.

When you see clutter it sends a signal to your brain reminding it that you have an ever growing and never ending list of things you have to get done. Which does nothing but stress and overwhelm you. I have found that when I see my house messy from clutter I want to crawl in bed for the next month and hope the cleaning fairy does their job. Sadly, it never happens that way. That is because clutter causes stress!

2. Bedroom clutter

Did you know when your bedroom is full of clutter it makes it harder to relax and fall asleep and sleep sound? It’s so important to get a good nights sleep so we can be well rested for our children (who need us at our best 100% of the time) I was having a hard time getting decent sleep a couple weeks ago. So I decided it was time to clear out my bedroom of any unnecessary items. I got rid of; old clothes I haven’t worn in the last year, old papers I’ve been meaning to file away, garbage, old holiday cards from loved ones, shoes and even blankets that have been sitting in the same spot since I can remember. Will you believe me if I told you not only do I feel more relaxed but I’m getting better sleep than I ever have? I promise you, you will to.

3. Now where did I put that?

Where is that pacifier the baby needs to fall asleep, where did I put your homework I need to check at, where is my to go coffee mug? When your house is full of clutter it makes it nearly impossible to find what you are looking for and everything seems to blend together when there is a mess. How stressed do you get when you can’t find something? Especially when you just seen it a minute ago?

4. Clutter is distracting

Clutter takes your mind away from what is more important by redirecting your mind to the endless amount of clutter and endless list of tasks you have. This is very stressful for me because I am starting a business that I struggle to focus on because there is so much clutter I should be taking care of instead.

5. How can you relax?

You cannot truly relax when there is a constant clutter mess. Do you know in order to keep sane, us mamas NEED TO RELAX! How can we be a calm parent when we are so beyond stressed over the mess?

6. Please, no house guests

Do you ever feel embarrassed when company unexpectedly stops by? I know I do! Every time someone says they are about to drop by I become a frantic hot mess as I run like a chicken with its head cut off to try and get my house looking as neat as possible before company comes over.

You don’t have to be embarrassed, check out my 5 day mini email challenge above to start simplifying your life to live a life you love. No more embarrassment from random drop by’s from loved ones.

7. Causes frustration

Do you ever get so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you need to do that you end up doing very little or maybe even none of it? Do you feel like all you do is clean but it never seems to actually look clean? This is something I have always struggled with before I learned how to better organize my life, don’t forget you can to by signing up to my mini 5 day challenge above.

Clutter is not something you have to live with and it defiantly doesn’t have to define your house. Have you ever seen Hoarders on A&E? Their homes were so full of clutter and garbage and they were able to get their house under control. If they can do it to that extreme than you can to, mama. Join my 5 day mini email challenge above and I will help you learn to start simplifying your life so you can loose the stress and gain a life you love.

A pin on why clutter causes stress including a free challenge.


Read this quick guide on how you can start simplifying your life now to create a happier home.


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