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How To Declutter Your Home

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How to start decluttering your home

Your home should be a place of peace and restfulness. After all your little ones need mom to be at her best at all times (am I right?).

Ask yourself these 3 basic questions;

1. When was the last time you could look at any room in your home and feel satisfied with the state it is in?

2. Do you spend more time cleaning than you do with your children?

3. Do you have stuff all over the place and in random nooks and crannies?

If you don’t like how you answered these three questions then it’s safe to say its time to declutter and organize your home. Before you start, check out the freebies vault for a decluttering packet to help you get started.

How to declutter your home quickly

It might sound like an impossible task to declutter your entire house but I promise, it’s SIMPLE. I will take you step by step through every room in your house and show you exactly what and how to declutter.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at times because letting go of things can be hard, especially if they hold any sort of sentimental value. Before I started decluttering my own home I didn’t want to get rid of anything.

It was an on going battle but, I’m here to help you work through that battle!

How many items do you keep because you will “need it later”?

Now let’s talk about what you will actually need to start decluttering your home. (besides the decluttering packet I mentioned above).

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Learning to declutter your entire home

Grab some boxes

a how to guide on controling clutter

The first step is to grab 4 cardboard boxes to put stuff in. I recommend using old cardboard boxes as opposed to buying totes or whatever else these fancy organizers tell you to get.

You can get boxes from your local grocery store or any local store for that matter. Just call them ahead of time and they’re usually happy to set them aside for you.

I am an amazon enthusiast so I had tons of old amazon boxes around my house (part of why I needed to declutter so bad). So I used those to separate everything.

All you need to do now is grab a marker and label these 4 boxes like this;

Box one- Trash

This is for any garbage or broken items or things no one will get use out of. Depending on the size of the box, try placing a garbage bag inside so when the box is full you can take it straight to the garbage can.

Box two- Recycle

This is for any plastic containers, batteries, old light bulbs and things like that, that are better to be recycled than just thrown in the trash. Even get rid of all those parenting magazines you’ve been meaning to read but haven’t had the time.

Let’s help protect our environment mamas.

Box three- Donate/Sell

I like to sell what I’m not using if I think it has any value to it like certain clothes or bigger items. The rest just throw in the donate box.

There are tons of places you can donate to such as; a local mom who’s in need, The Salvation Army, Good Will or The Purple Heart.

Did you know The Purple Heart sells your donations and uses the proceeds to go towards veterans and their families? The best part is they will come right to your doorstep to get your clothing and household items.

Talk about a time saver on your part, #momwin.

Box four- Put away

This box is for items that don’t belong in the area your decluttering and need to go back to their proper location in a different room. Like a dinner plate in the living room.

Tackle one space at a time

a clutter free room after decluttering

Remember when I said I was going to make this simple when showing you how to declutter your home?

Well, this is my secret! Doing it one small space at a time, little by little.

Being a mom is very demanding and time-consuming, I know! I’m a mother of a very busy toddler and I’ve begun decluttering my house following these steps with success and I know you can too!

To make things even easier for you I have put together a 30 day declutter challenge printable that you can find in the freebies vault.

How to know what to get rid of

questions to ask when decluttering your home

I know your wondering “what exactly should I be getting rid of?” That mama, is a good question. When going through your house you want to ask these 8 simple questions regarding any item.

1. Have I used this item in the past year?

2. Is this item broken in any way?

3. Do I have this “incase” I need/want to use it later?

4. Do I have more than one of these?

5. Is there a sentimental value for this item?

6. Could something else I own do the same thing as this?

7. Could someone else benefit from having this more than my family?

8. Is this something my child can break?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then its probably a good idea to get rid of it.

Start with the room you use the most, for my family that’s the kitchen.

A clean and organized kitchen

You want to start by gathering up any garbage and throwing it in the box labeled garbage. Remember, this can be anything from old paper plates, bags of garbage that have been piling up that need to go to the outdoor garbage or broken plates and glasses.

The next thing to do is tackle each part of the kitchen. Start in one cabinet and work onto the next asking your 8 important questions if you get stuck.

I have put together a decluttering packet that will give you everything you need to make decluttering as easy as possible. You can snag your free packet in the freebies section of this blog.

1. A checklist of places within each room to declutter.

2. A list of everything you need to declutter in each room, including things you would have never thought to get rid of but will make a huge impact.

3. A copy of the above 8 questions to ask when getting stuck decluttering

I made it so easy for you with this decluttering packet, don’t forget to get your freebies.

Once that room is done move onto the next, working on one small space in each room at a time putting things into the appropriate boxes.

Keep reading to see how to organize and declutter your home.

What to declutter in each room

Work on each item in this list without moving on to the next until the last one is completely done. Don’t forget to wipe out and sanitize each area before moving onto the next because the next step will be to organize.


A decluttered kitchen is an organized kitchen


Throw out any garbage on the counter and get rid of items that don’t belong by putting in the appropriate boxes. This includes your kid’s toys, old papers and bills, trash, and anything else you may have sitting on your counters that don’t belong.


This also includes under the sink and the spice cupboard. Throw out any expired spices or spices you don’t use.


Any silverware drawers and junk drawers you may have.


Throw out any food that is expired and donate food you will never use. I don’t even know how but I often find food in my pantry I won’t use. It could be because I buy it on sale wanting to try cooking with it and never end up doing so.


Throw out any spoiled or expired food and wipe down the entire inside of the fridge.

Are you seeing the progress?


A minimilist bathroom


Get rid of any outdated products or products you will never use. Also, get rid of old towels and rags. Consider donating them to your local animal shelter.


Toss anything you will not use including makeup that is older than a year, old hair sprays and gels and any nail polish you haven’t worn in a year. Don’t forget to wipe the drawers out afterwards.


Get rid of any garbage or old products that are just sitting out on the surface. The less clutter on a surface the cleaner your bathroom will look.


Get rid of any old soap or shampoos and throw away old loofahs. Clean the shower thoroughly when your done.


Get rid of anything that does not belong on the back of the toilet. The only thing you should have here is extra rolls of toilet paper, a d├ęcor piece or nothing at all to keep it feeling clean and well organized.

Linen closet

This tends to be a place to pile stuff from head to toe, maybe because it has a door and is easy to hide. Either way, get rid of anything you don’t use, is expired or that you have way to many of.

Living room


Throw out anything in there you have not used in the last year. Old coats, shoes, toys, games, anything that has had no use and put into the appropriate boxes.

Tv stand

Clean out any garbage or clutter and put in the correct box. Make sure to wipe and dust it out good when your done.


Pack away or get rid of toys your kids have outgrown or do not use or play with. Consider rotating your kid’s toys to keep the mess contained.

Your Bedroom


Go through and get rid of any clothes that you have not worn in a year or clothes that no longer fit. Also get rid of any clothes that are ripped, holey, stained, or frayed in any way.

Then get rid of anything else you have in there that you have not used in the last year; old blankets, foot massagers, random household items and shoes are a few we had to get rid of.


Get rid of anything damaged or that doesn’t fit or you have not worn in the last year.

Night stand

This is a problem area in my house, anything and everything gets quickly tossed here.

Kids Bedroom

an organized and decluttered kidsroom


Get rid of any clothes your kids have outgrown or toys they have not played with in a while. Consider rotating your kids toys to keep the mess and clutter contained.

Decluttering your home doesn’t have to be a scary thing to do, especially if you grab this free decluttering packet. Doing small spaces at a time works! This guide on how to declutter your home works, I promise!

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A stress free way to declutter your entire home

I am a loving wife of 6 years and mother of a beautiful, smart and ever growing two year old, whom I can talk about endlessly! My main goal in life, besides being the best mother and wife I can be, is to be a resource for mothers to help you live the best life you can. Do you ever feel like you have a bigger purpose in life then just living out your days? This is a constant feeling of mine and its my main motivation for starting this mom blog! We will talk about everything from; pregnancy, baby and toddler related. From their dirty diaper to keeping them entertained in a healthy way to finding ways to organize your home for easier cleanup so there can be less overwhelm and more time to doing the things you love!


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    Adriane Thompson

    I LOVE the step by step! Starting with boxes is a great idea too. We did a deep declutter last year and have been able to keep up. It’s so nice to walk into a clutter-free house. Now, clean…that’s a different story. LOL!

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    I love these tips. They break down decluttering into small (not as scary) steps. Thank you for the info about Purple Heart. I would love to donate to an organization other than Goodwill and they sound perfect!!

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    I can’t wait to use these tips this weekend. Supposed to rain ALL weekend and it’s a good excuse to start cleaning up around my house. Using three boxes is perfect! This way it’s already ready to go and I just have to close the lid!

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