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How To Get Your Toddler Interested In Reading

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Getting your toddler to start reading seems like an easy task to accomplish. But it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. My toddler loved to read… for the first 30 seconds or so of any book. I always thought all kids loved to read (not sure why I even thought that!) but I was so wrong. Toddlers tend to get bored very easily. The biggest thing I did to start reading to my toddler was finding interactive books. He gave those way more attention than regular kid books. Here are some of my sons favorite interactive books.

Reading is so beneficial to anybody but especially to our kids. Have you ever heard the saying, “children’s brains are like sponges”? That’s because they basically are. Age of Montessori sums this topic up pretty well.

What if my toddler doesn’t want to read?

A little girl reading a book

I have totally been there and don’t worry! If your toddler doesn’t seem interested in reading, there are some things you can do to try and peek their interest.

1. Interactive Books

There are tons and tons of interactive books for your toddlers. Check out the first paragraph where I mentioned my sons favorite interactive books. Being able to touch and use different senses with books seemed to interest my toddler way more than regular books.

2. Ask Questions

There are a number of reasons asking them questions is so beneficial. One reason is it helps them interact with the book more and it also helps them comprehend what they are reading. Ask them questions like; where is the monkey or where is the blue circle. This helps them learn vocabulary, helps them better identify objects and colors and also helps them interact with the book.

3. Point to What Your Reading

This will help your toddler associate the words with the pictures they are seeing. Don’t always do it for every word, as you want them to also focus on the story and comprehending what it is about.

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4. Pay attention to their interests

If they are interested in fairies, get them books with fairies. If they are interested in dragons, get them a book about dragons. Do they have a favorite movie? You can always find books that go along with almost any animated film nowadays (and for good reason). That way they are more interested and will want to read it.

5. Set Aside Reading Time

Set aside time everyday for reading. That way it can become more routine and your toddler will start to accept that its time to read. After all toddlers love their routines (mine a little to much).

6. Ask Others to Read

Do your kids have a favorite grandparent or maybe a favorite babysitter? Try asking them to read to your toddler. This alone may peek their interested because they will want to do what their favorite person is doing.

7. Go To the Library

Try a different setting to get them interested in reading. What better setting then the library? Did you know that most if not all library’s have toddler reading hour at least once a week? This may be just what the doctor ordered to get your little one interested in reading.

8. Congratulate Them

Just like adults (though we often deny it), toddlers love to be praised and told they are doing a good job. When ever your toddler has read a page or went through the whole book; tell them how proud you are of them! Maybe take it a step farther and offer them their favorite treat!

Want to print this reading progress chart? Fill it in with stickers every time your toddler reads a book. You can find it in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY along with all kinds of other goodies!

A reading progress chart printable for toddlers

9. Lead by Example

Toddlers love doing what mommy and daddy are doing. Set an example by reading your own book or even theirs regularly. This encourages them to do what mommy and daddy are doing!

10. Create a Reading Only Space

Create a reading corner or make a forted area your toddler can go in and read. Making the reading space fun and interesting will help motivate your toddler to go to that space and read. To make it even more fun, lay a blanket out on the grass and read outside.

11. Leave books laying around

I know you’ve been on Pinterest and seen all kinds of reading corners and nooks for your children’s books and that’s a great place for them. But its important to also leave books around the house for your child to see. They may not want to pick up a book in their reading corner but they may want to pick up a book that was left sitting on the couch.

12. Buy Books Together

Go to the book store together and let them pick out a book or two themselves. You can even let them rent books from the library but you will have to pay attention to how rough they are with it. My son loves to flip the cover of every book the opposite direction, so the library is a no go for us. But it’s defiantly an option.

13. Read as a Family

A family who reads together, stays together! OK, maybe that’s a little far fetched but reading as a family will help encourage your toddlers to sit down and read.

There are tons and tons of things you can do to get your little ones interested in reading. The best thing you can do is to start reading to your child as a baby. This will help jump start their language skills and get them on a reading routine right from the get go!

There are so many different books that you can get for your toddler! Keep looking until you find ones they will enjoy and I promise you will find some!

toddler reading a book


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