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How To Simplify Your Life For A Happier Home

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Ever since I went back to work after having my son 2 years ago I have been on a downward spiral of overwhelm. Before I started having kids I was able to keep up on everything; housework, appointments, friends, work, you name it and it was done. Now everything that needs to be done seems to be sitting on an ever growing list in my mind with nothing every really getting accomplished. A lot of days are spent with my energetic toddler; getting him dressed, fed, bathed, entertained, educating him. All the fun yet time consuming tasks of having kids. As always make sure to check out my Free Resource Library to find amazing organizing printables so you can simplify your life for a happier home.

Truth be told, I was really starting to lose it and that’s when I decided I needed to simplify my life in order to create an easier more manageable life. After all we should be enjoying our lives not struggling through it.

It is possible to simplify your life to make things easier for you so you can become the best version of yourself to raise those beautiful babes to be their best selves. That’s why I am going to show you how to simplify your life for a happier home.

Tips to simplifying your life for a happier home

1. Declutter your home

Do you have toys scattered all over the place, dishes in the sink, laundry laying around and 57 Tupperware lids with 40 bowls? This is probably the biggest reason moms feel so overwhelmed, we just have to much stuff and not enough time to focus on it or we would rather focus on other things that are “more important”. Check out my Free Resource Library to print a decluttering checklist along with other organizing printables. Do you constantly have stuff coming in but nothing going out?

When we see stuff laying around, all over the house our brains automatically signal that as a sign there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done still. That’s why you may feel a rush of overwhelm the second you step in your home. According to Daily health Post “Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that living or working in a cluttered environment can inhibit your ability to focus and process information. This can lead to stress, feelings of being overwhelmed and more often than not, anxiety”. Decluttering is the best way to reduce this stress, here is a post I wrote on how to declutter your home.

2. Use a planner/Calendar

using a planner or organize and simplify your life

Writing down your goals for each day, week and month will help you have a better handle and actually see what needs to be done so you can stop thinking about and start doing it. You should make this easily accessible to your partner so they can help carry out tasks as well. I have a free calendar in my Free Resource Library that will help you start organizing your life.

3. Keep a journal by your bed

Every night write in your journal. This is a good way to release pent up feelings and emotions. You can also use this journal as a brain dump writing down lists and things you want to accomplish in the near or not so near future.

According to Psychologies, there are 5 key benefits to writing in a journal;

  1. Writing your feelings down is like having a totally accessible therapist or close friend.
  2. By writing everyday your able to track your behavior patterns by looking back over your journals.
  3. “Journals are inexpensive, accessible and easily self-managed”.
  4. Writing in your journal helps you tap into your creative side and lets your imagination roam..
  5. “Journals give to your dreams and aspirations but are also safe spaces to release negative feelings, hurts and disappointments that could get in the way of those dreams and aspirations being realized.

Writing down whats on your mind will help clear your mind so you can better focus on other things.

4. Set up Auto pay

How many times have you been so busy with your kids or to tired you forgot to pay a bill? Setting up auto pay will not only rid you of that stress but it will also help your credit by being on time each month. Wouldn’t it be nice to accomplish something without even thinking about it? Auto pay does just that.

5. Grocery pickup/delivery

How many times have you had to take your kids with you to the grocery store only for them to throw some sort of tantrum? Grocery pickup or delivery eliminates that stress, not to mention it will save you tons of money because you can see exactly how much you are spending.

Speaking of money, did you know how easy it is to save money on groceries? I’ve started saving over $100 a week and I have put together a post to show you exactly how you to can save money on groceries. I have been doing grocery pickup for a while now and my grocery bill has been cut in half! Another easy trick is to put a growing list on your fridge so when ever someone else notices something needs to be bought they can add it. Then its not just you figuring out what you need to buy thus making your life just a teeny bit easier.

I have created a printable meal planner/grocery list just for you! You can get access to it by entering your email above to get the password to my Free Resource Library

6. Keep a cleaning routine

Keep a routine and clean as you go. This is important so you don’t fall behind and get overwhelmed as everything starts to pile up. Keep a daily routine like doing all the dishes, wiping down the kitchen counter, picking up the kids toys or sweeping the kitchen floor. A weekly routine of cleaning the toilet, vacuuming the living room floor or washing out the tub. I explain here exactly how you can start a cleaning routine spending only 30 minutes a day cleaning.

7. Meal plan

Meal plan the day before you are going to be getting groceries. Plan out what your having for every meal and what ingredients you need to buy at the store for it. Having this planned out and prepped ahead of time will save you the headache during those nights when your to tired to think about whats for dinner. To make things even easier you can download a meal planning app on your phone, just go to your app store and type in meal planning and you will get tons of hits.

See above where I mentioned printing a meal planner/grocery list.

8. Amazon Prime

Do you ever order from Amazon? I started ordering from them over a year ago and this alone saves me so much time and hassle not having to drag my toddler out and leaving my home. They are often times just as affordable as anywhere else you would shop. TIP: I also price match other stores so I know I’m getting the best deal. But you can’t beat free shipping with amazon prime and you can literally get anything through them.

9. Ask for help

Its OK to ask for help mama, nobody expects you to be super mom 24/7. Ask your partner for help, your mother, sister, friend. Give your partner tasks that they need to accomplish every day/week. There is no reason you should have to do it all! Sometimes the men in our lives just need us to tell them what to do once in a while.

10. Carve out “you” time

Make sure to carve out "you time" to help reduce the overwhelm of being a mother.

Do you often let the overwhelm of everyday tasks,errands, kids and life prevent you from having any “you time”? Having “you time” is so important to keep your mental health in check. Take a long bubble bath with a good romance novel, get a drink with your girlfriends or go shopping with a friend. Do something you love doing once a week. Even if its not for long periods, just allowing your brain to take a step back to unwind is key to handling life’s takes.

11. No more phone

Oh my gosh the amount of hours I’ve spent on my phone is frightening. Are you on your phone more than you should? Do me a favor and go to your phones settings and see how long you actually spend on your phone, this might surprise you. According to Inc.com the average person spends 4 hours a day on their phones. Imagine what could get done with those 4 extra hours.

12. One item in, one item out

Every single time you bring a new item into your house, get rid of something else. It could be garbage, an old toy, broken lids, anything. Do this to keep clutter contained.

13. Do not multi task

I know what your thinking, if I don’t multi task how will I ever get anything done. We are trained our whole lives to multi task to prepare us for our working life. But do you notice how you multi task at home and it doesn’t ever feel like your getting anything done? I know I have! Instead of doing a little of a lot of things and seeing almost no progress. Focus on doing more of one thing and this will help you see the progress you are making which ultimately helps you feel more accomplished and less stressed about things not getting done.

14. Stop procrastinating

Do you let things pile up thinking you will “get to them later”? This is very unproductive thinking and will ultimately cause you stress with all your tasks piling up.

15. Do laundry regularly

doing laundry regularly will reduce the overwhelm of life and parenting

Do you often let your laundry pile up? The trick is to do it regularly. I know you may not have time to constantly be doing laundry, but laundry mostly does itself anyway doesn’t it? All you have to do is switch the laundry and fold it. Doing one load of laundry a day will help you feel productive and accomplished plus if their is ever a day you are to exhausted to do it, its not all piled up causing you to feel guilty for not getting it done.

Living a simple lifestyle improves the functionality of your family

A good rule to live by is “simple is more and less is best”. Keeping things in our life simple and easy is key to a successful, less overwhelmed life. You will be able to focus more time and energy on raising your kids and building a life you love with them. Are you ready to simplify your life to have a happier home? Sign up for my weekly newsletter and I’ll guide you to living your best life for your children.


I am a loving wife of 6 years and mother of a beautiful, smart and ever growing two year old, whom I can talk about endlessly! My main goal in life, besides being the best mother and wife I can be, is to be a resource for mothers to help you live the best life you can. Do you ever feel like you have a bigger purpose in life then just living out your days? This is a constant feeling of mine and its my main motivation for starting this mom blog! We will talk about everything from; pregnancy, baby and toddler related. From their dirty diaper to keeping them entertained in a healthy way to finding ways to organize your home for easier cleanup so there can be less overwhelm and more time to doing the things you love!


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    This is a very helpful and logical list! Thank you for posting this. I have thought these things individually and do some of them, but thinking of it all together in one topic and seeing suggestions that I don’t yet do, is very helpful!

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      Robyn, I am so glad you found value in this post. It’s one thing to think of them separately but for the long haul of a simple life, doing them all or as much as you can will make all the difference. Thank you for your kind words:)

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