How To Start A Cleaning Routine For Working Moms

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Cleaning when you have kids is probably the single most complicated task for mamas. I mean you are caring for actual living human beings and that takes up a lot of time in itself, but throw cleaning in the mix and your just setting yourself up for failure. But, I’m here to tell you that cleaning doesn’t have to be this big ordeal that takes hours and hours to get a clean house. Don’t get me wrong, your house might still be somewhat of a mess, but it will be a cleaner mess. Download this simple cleaning routine (in my Free Mom Survival Vault) for working moms and watch your life be transformed. Not only will cleaning get easier for you but you will gain so much more time for other more important things.

There are two things that you have to do to make this cleaning routine a success. The first is to declutter your home, check out this post I wrote on how you can declutter your home without the stress and overwhelm. The second is to stick to your routine. If you don’t do it consistently, you wont see results and results are what we want to see, right?

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A routine to clean your house

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How to start a cleaning routine

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The first thing is to remember that things will get better. Stick to this cleaning routine for working moms and your life will go from chaos to calm! The trick to keeping a house clean is by doing a little, often. Do a few things each day to spread the work out through the week. I try to spend no more than 30 minutes total cleaning each day and with this routine, I am able to.

1. Start by making sure your home is clutter free

If your home is full of clutter than no matter how much cleaning you do it will never look clean. Did you know clutter causes stress and anxiety? The second you see clutter it sends a signal to your brain telling it that you have a lot that you need to do still thus causing stress and anxiety about the ever growing tasks there are to do. If you are looking for a little inspiration I have a cleaning checklist in my Free Mom Survival Vault that will help you go through what to declutter in each room as well as a list of items you wouldn’t think of decluttering within those rooms.

2. Prioritize

What areas in your home seem the busiest or get the dirtiest? For me, it defiantly the kitchen. Between cooking, packing lunches, eating and feeding a toddler this room gets pretty ugly. Another thing is laundry, if I go even 3 days without doing laundry it looks like I have weeks worth to do (how does that even happen?). So I would clean the dishes, kitchen counter and do a load of laundry and put them on my daily list of chores. I will say that I don’t do laundry every day because I don’t want to get to burnt out from it, if you want to see my cleaning routine I have it safe and sound in my Free Mom Survival Vault.

This might seem like a lot at first but once you get a rhythm down and keep up on it, you will be able to do it all fairly quickly. Remember, I only clean 30 minutes or less a day.

3. Start in the morning

Just kidding.. For anyone that knows me knows I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. A lot of other cleaning routines will tell you to wake up a half hour early to start your day, which might be fine for some people but for this mama THAT’S A BIG FAT NO.

If you are a morning person then I would recommend The mama Notes because she has a ton of different routines from actual real life mamas. So what ever your situation you might find some inspiration in one of them.

4. Make a list of what tasks you want to do every single day in addition to what you want to do daily, check out my list here.

Here is a sample of what your list might look like;


Wash dishes

Clean kitchen counter

finish one load of laundry

Monday (Bathroom)

Clean toilet

Clean tub

wipe mirrors

Tuesday (kitchen)

Wipe down cupboards

Clean out refrigerator

mop floors

Wednesday (bedroom)

Vacuum floors

pick up items on floor

and so on and so on.

How to make this cleaning routine for working moms as simple as possible

1. Keep your cleaning supplies close by.

I have cleaning products in my bathroom and kitchen so I have them close by making it easier to grab quickly and saving just a little bit of time. Seconds add up over time.

2. Multiple laundry baskets

Get your family involved in this! How ever you normally sort your laundry use that many baskets. For me, I sort my laundry into 3 categories; lights and dark’s and whites, so I only need three laundry baskets. Here is a good side by side laundry basket that works perfect for sorting laundry ahead of time. As your family changes their clothes have them sort them into the proper baskets instead of just piling them into one basket. This will allow you to simply put laundry into the washer without sorting the clothes because it is already done for you.

The trick is to save time and extra steps anywhere you can.

3. Bags in the garbage

I never used to put bags in my bathroom garbage’s but now that I have it is so much easier to just grab the bag and toss it in the big garbage. Keep spare bags under the bathroom sink for easy access.

4. Clean as you go

If you have items in the living room that belong in the kitchen, grab them as your walking to the kitchen. Cleaning up as you go will help minimize the mess later on.

5. Delegate

Get your family involved! I know we talked about how to get them involved in laundry but give them other tasks as well. Your partner can be on garbage duty and emptying the dishwasher. Your kids can have age appropriate chores as well. Like my two year old helps with laundry and picking up his toys. The burden should not be on you only, mama.

6. Clean the bathroom when your kids bathe

I have found it much easier to clean my bathroom while my toddler is taking a bath. He is usually in there for an hour at a time so this is the perfect time to get a little cleaning done and still be able to entertain him in the tub.

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A simple cleaning routine for working moms
A Simple Cleaning Routine That Actually Works

Cleaning does not have to be a huge, dreadful deal. It can be simple and if you stick to this cleaning routine for working moms your life will be transformed.


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