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How You Can Plan An Easter Egg Hunt For Different Ages

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One of the most important things in my life is friends and family! I’m constantly trying to think of fun creative ways to get us all together. Especially since many of us have kids of our own now. I’ve heard of organizations hosting Easter eggs hunts like schools and churches. I never even thought it was something I could put together myself for my own loved ones. Then I thought, if they can do it so can I right? So here I am planning an Easter egg hunt.

The hostess in me jumped at the idea! I googled, thought of past memories and listened to other peoples stories of Easter egg hunts. Then came up with these ideas and tips to planning the perfect multi age Easter egg hunt.

Here is my planning guide for the perfect easter egg hunt!

The first thing to keep in mind when starting to plan your Easter egg hunt is what age groups will be involved. For my family we have ages ranging from infancy to adulthood, did I mention I have a large family? For every step of planning hear on out remember its not just littles in this hunting egg-stravaganza!

Step one- choosing a date

I try to pick a date I know most people will be available, so choosing to do it on Easter is out of the question. Instead choose the weekend before or even sometime during the week before, making sure its in the late afternoon/evening. I also am going to start an event on Facebook as a reminder to everyone and to keep them up to date on the event.

Step two- choosing a location

Do you or a loved one have a decent sized yard? My family is large so we would need a decent amount of space. If your anticipating a smaller turnout then any backyard will probably do. A little tid bit to keep in mind if you have pets, make sure to clean up the dog dirt before the hunt takes place. I don’t know about you but stepping in dog poo just makes me angry!

Step three- Stock up on eggs

Since we are planning on having a large turnout, I’ll ask each parent to add in any eggs they can or even just what goes in the eggs. Tip of the day, Get your eggs after the Easter season the year before on clearance. Since I’m planning this egg hunt a year in advance, you bet your happy biscuits ill be checking as many clearance spots as I can for a discount! Here is a list of 83 amazing egg-tastic fillers.

Step four- hiding the eggs

While you can simply toss the eggs in the yard for the little ones, it might be a bit boring for the older kids, so get creative! You can hide them in places like; taller patches of grass, in the flower bed, high in the trees, inside the mailbox, in the down spout of the gutters etc. But make sure to count the eggs before you hide them so you have some kind of idea what is left.

You can also draw a map of where your hiding your eggs. But don’t worry your entire egg hunt isn’t at risk by your artistic ability to map out the location of every egg you hide. By the way, to keep it simple only map out the harder hiding spots. A little tip, once the older kids move in on the hunt things can get hectic so give the little hunters a few minute head start to find their eggs.

Planning the perfect Easter egg hunt doesn’t have to be a crazy out there idea! It’s something that anyone can put together. The biggest tip I can give is to keep things simple yet fun, that’s why this is the perfect guide to planning any outdoor Easter egg hunt!


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