To show the fun in a nature scavenger hunt.

Nature Scavenger Hunt (Free Printable Inside)

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Keeping your children entertained can sometimes be a difficult task, I mean, you can only do the same thing so many times before your kids start to get bored. Have you been looking for a way to get your toddlers outside and engaged with nature? What better way to do that then with a nature scavenger hunt! Did I mention you can have full access to this scavenger hunt and everything else in my Free Resource Library by signing up to my weekly newsletter?

Top reasons kids need to go outside

1. Sun exposure

I’m not meaning let them get burnt in the sun! Always be sure to take proper precautions from the elements for what ever weather it might be: sunscreen, bug spray or a good old rain jacket. Our bodies need sun light to help us produce Vitamin D. Which helps with our bone development and strengthening our immune system. Allow your child to get outdoor time with nature daily.

2. Exercise

Everyone needs exercise, especially our children who have a ton of energy to burn off.

3. Imagination

Being outside let’s your child explore their imagination in a whole new way than they can indoors. It also brings on a whole new set of senses. They can smell the fresh air, crisp breeze and flowers. Touch the rough tree bark and soft petals or the wet snow. They can see all the colors in their natural element and they can hear all nature is offering. That’s why this nature scavenger hunt is so amazing. By the way, you can access this nature scavenger hunt by gaining access to my Free Resource Library. All you have to do is sign up for my weekly newsletter with the form below.

Get your littles outside and let their little hearts explore the world around them. In a controlled environment that is!

This is such a simple activity that you can do ANYWHERE! After all, nature is EVERYWHERE. The park, a backyard, on a hike, on a farm, camping! The choices are endless!

The rules are simple, as your minion finds an item they cross it off the list until all items are found.

If you want to make it even more entertaining, get a group of kids together and set rules as if it were a bingo game. The first person to fill a line wins a small prize. You can even time it to make it a little more challenging.

Access to my free Nature Scavenger hunt is available in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY.

I recommend printing this on white cardstock for the best results. Regular paper may tear to easy out in nature and let’s face it, toddlers aren’t the most delicate beings.

Grab your kiddo a clip board (don’t miss an opportunity to get them creating, let them decorate their own clipboard to use), a handy dandy writing utensil and viola! Easy right? I hope you and your toddlers enjoy this nature scavenger hunt and enjoy Mother Nature!

Happy hunting:)

toddler outside learning about nature.
A printable nature scavenger hunt for toddlers

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