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Self Care Ideas For Moms (That Require Almost No Time)

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Easy Self Care Ideas

When we start having babies our maternal instincts kick in that basically says we need to take care of our families before taking care of ourselves. It’s not something we do on purpose it’s just something that seems to happen to so many of us.

Then you throw in the fact that most mamas work full time jobs on top of all their other motherly duties, how is there even time for self care?

Try and find at least 15 minutes a day where you are doing something for yourself.

Save this pin to come back to later when you need a reminder for self care options.

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48 Self care ideas for working moms

A mother destressing in bed for self care

1. Skin care

There is an endless amount that you can do with your skin care. It can be something as simple as washing, toning and moisturizing your face to something like a face mask or chemical peel.

What ever makes you feel good about your skin than do that as often as you can.

2. Workout

Go to the gym or get your workout on in the living room. The idea is to just get your body moving. It may take some effort and motivation to get started but your body will thank you once your done.

3. Read

Reading has a way of letting us escape into another world for a short while. Sometimes that’s exactly what needs to happen to forget about the stress of everyday life.

Find a book you absolutely love and some quite time (maybe after the kids go to bed) and just start reading.

4. Join a book club

You can get online and look for book clubs. This is great for those who love reading and a great way to make new mom friends (which seems impossible as a adult sometimes).

5. Get a mani/pedi

Go alone or with a girlfriend. This is an easy self care idea for moms who loves to get pampered. Those leg massages they give when getting your toes done is like no other!

6. Get your hair done

This one requires you to have a couple hours of spare time but you don’t have to do it that often and it will help you gain more self confidence.

7. Take a bubble bath

Light some candles and listen to relaxing music.

8. Shave

Before this happens be sure to wash off all the crusted food from your toddlers before shaving (or is that just me?).

There is no better feeling then the feeling of being clean and shaving does just that.

9. Meditate

A woman meditating for herself care

This is a good exercise to clear your mind. They even have apps to help you meditate like the one I use called calm.

This app basically teaches you how to breath properly as well as supplying relaxing and calming music. I actually use this app whenever I take a bubble bath and feel so relaxed after words.

Remember, self care activities for parents is important for your mental health. Even if its for only a few minutes a day!

You deserve it, mama!

10. Take a walk alone

Getting outside is healthy on its own but taking a peaceful walk alone will help you clear your mind. It’s also a great opportunity to think out your biggest wants and desires so you can start working towards putting them into action.

11. Grocery shop alone

Who would have thought grocery shopping alone was a form of self care? I bet any mama who has taken their kids grocery shopping will tell you how rewarding and peaceful grocery shopping alone actually is.

12. Watch your favorite show

The good thing about watching a show ( besides escaping reality for a short while) is the length. You can watch a show for 30 minutes or an hour, which is perfect for when your toddlers go down for a nap.

What is your favorite show to watch right now? I’m totally loving Hawaii Five-O!

13. Get your eyebrows done

This might not be every ones cup of tea but if it is, its a perfect form of self care for working moms. Stop by your favorite salon before you get the kids from the sitters for a quick 15 minutes eyebrow wax.

14. Dinner with a girlfriend

Let your partner watch the kids for a little bit, while you catch up with a girlfriend for that much needed self care time.

I bet she needs it to!

This option is also good because you can take the kids with you. It might not be as relaxing but for the mamas that don’t have a sitter, this is a good next option.

Plus, you can have dinner at your house or theirs for a more relaxed setting. Let the kids play while the mamas mingle.

15. Coffee date

I have yet to meet someone that does not like coffee. Chances are you have a girlfriend that loves coffee as much as you do.

Stop in to a coffee shop and talk for a few minutes or an hour for some unwind time.

16. Journal

Journaling is a great way to get your feelings, hopes, wants and needs out in the open (for your eyes only anyway). It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal, I’ve heard of people finding journaling therapeutic by writing one sentence a night in their journal.

That is perfect for moms with kids because we already struggle to find time for our regular mom duties let alone self care. Here is an article from Buzzfeed that explains the process of one line journaling.

17. Color

I recently bought my toddler this mess free painting book for the car and I have found myself painting with it more then he does. It takes me back to when life was simpler (you know, as a kid).

But amazon also makes adult coloring books now that are a little more intense than kid books.

18. Drive through coffee

A woman drinking a cup of coffee in the morning

On your way to work, dentist appointment or taking the kids to daycare. A quick stroll through the drive through and you can have a wonderful cup of coffee.

There is something special about drive through coffee that I prefer more than when I make it at home. Probably just that, because I didn’t have to make it. #momwin

19. Drink water

It might not seem like your doing this for yourself but I promise you are. It’s so important to make sure you are drinking enough water everyday. Not only because it will help with your energy levels but your body lives off of water.

Water has many benefits such as helping remove waste, regulates body temperature and helps with digestion.

According to the article How Much Water Does The Human Body Need Daily the human adult body is made up of 60% water.

20. Eat a healthy meal

I will be the first one to tell you how hard it is to keep a consistently healthy meal plan when you have almost no free time.

Do your body a favor and try and eat at least one or two healthier meals a week. Your body will thank you.

They even make things easier by delivering meals right to your door like hello fresh. I’ve tried this and the meals are actually pretty good and it saves a ton of prepping time.

21. Get enough sleep

You sleep when the baby sleeps doesn’t stop after the newborn phase. If your kids are taking a nap at the same time (feel lucky if they do) then take a nap yourself.

Your motherly duties should be put on hold so you can practice self care. I don’t know about you but napping is totally a form of self care for me. Although I don’t do it everyday, its nice once in a while.

22. Get outside

Getting outside and in fresh air is good for your mental health. It lets you get a change of environment as well as helping strengthen your immune system.

Even if your just taking your kids out into the back yard, its good for them and good for you!

23. Date night with partner

Sometimes we get so lost in motherhood that we forget to make our relationships a priority. Go on a date with your partner.

Here is a post on at home date nights for busy parents. No need for a sitter! Put the kids to bed early and date your partner.

24. Start a hobby

It could be something as small as learning to scrapbook or making household crafts (I love doing this). Find something that you love doing and do it.

25. Play a sport

They have adult leagues for this exact reason. Parents need to get out and socialize just as much as kids need to get out and socialize.

You can find adult leagues in volleyball, darts and bowling to name a few. You can even start your own with your closest friends and family.

I love tennis (though I’m very bad at it) and sometimes will grab a girlfriend or my husband for a round of tennis.

26. Watch funny videos

YouTube is great for this. If I’ve had a particularly hard day, ill go to YouTube for a good laugh. In fact here is one I recently watched that had me on the floor with laughter.

27. Bake

Who doesn’t love baking, I mean eating baked goods?

28. Put the phone down

You don’t realize it but being on your phone and surfing the web has negative effects on you.

According to the article Problematic Smartphone Use and It’s Relationship to Anxiety and Depression The results of a study done resulted in this;

“The research found that smartphone use was in fact associated with symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as increased experience of stress. The more the participants used their smartphones, the more likely they were to experience symptoms associated with these disorders and report being stressed.”

29. Yoga

Yoga helps with flexibility, strength and mind-body awareness.

You can do yoga at home or out with a group to help keep you motivated. There are many different types of yoga and a ton of different places that host yoga sessions. I’ve even seen it hosted at my local library.

30. Start a morning routine

There are many benefits for starting a morning routine, the biggest being that it sets your day up for success. Especially when you have kids, getting an early start can make or break your day.

Here is an article on how you can create a morning routine for moms that will change your day.

31. Have a glass of wine

It’s wine o clock somewhere, right?

32. Host family night

This has been our tradition for the last year, we get together once a month for family night and rotate who’s house it’s at. It started because I wanted my son to have more kid interaction since he doesn’t go to daycare.

It has since morphed into stronger relationships with my family that I will cherish forever.

33. Listen to a motivational podcast

There are a ton of them out there, just go to your podcast app and type in motivational and you will get a ton of hits. I listen to these in the car going to work.

34. Make a craft

This is funny, I don’t consider myself very creative but I love to make crafts.

Is there something you have been wanting to make but have been to intimated to start it? Pinterest and YouTube have a ton of step by step tutorials for pretty much anything.

35. Do your makeup

Even if its to stay in, there is something about doing your makeup that gives you a little extra confidence boost.

36. Buy yourself something

Is there something you have been wanting but have not wanted to splurge on yourself (or is that just me?). You work hard mama and deserve to buy yourself something every once in a while.

37. Create an indoor garden

Start a garden to help moms destress

If you are someone who loves to garden during the warmer days then this self care option is for you.

There are tons of benefits from an indoor garden such as improved air quality, it’s therapeutic and it can become a food source for you.

Why not give it a try?

38. Go on a bike ride

This is perfect to do with your family. It’s like multiple self care options in one activity. Your getting outside, getting a workout and spending quality time with your loved ones.

Unless you decide to bike alone which is totally an option.

39. Words of affirmation

This is probably the easiest self care tip I can give.

Words of affirmation are so powerful if you believe in what you are saying, which if you stick to it, it will help you believe.

Check out my Free Resource Library for amazing words of affirmation printables devoted to your self care.

40. Do a crossword puzzle

Doing crossword puzzles strengthens your brain and really gets you thinking. Take it one step further and buy a crossword puzzle book to help limit your screen time.

41. Have a random dance party

Dancing is a fun way to get your body moving and your endorphins flowing to create a better mood. Take it one step further and invite the kiddos for a dance party.

What a great bonding way to have self care.

42. Random act of kindness

For those of you that have a heart for others.

Have you heard of the fast food craze where people are paying for the person behind them? It could be something as simple as holding the door open for someone, letting someone in line ahead of you (maybe a car) or something like sending a message to a random person full of kind words and encouragement.

There is an infinite amount of acts of kindness you can do.

So, why not give it a try for an added sense of selfishness.

43. Brain dump

This is perfect if you have a ton on your mind (I know I always do). This is espically beneficial for those that have a hard time saying what they are thinking.

Take 5-10 minutes every night before bed or right when you wake up to write about anything and everything that’s on your mind.

Trust me, it will help!

44. Take your kids on a date

Your kids will thank you for this and you will get joy in seeing their faces light up when moms takes them on a one on one date.

45. Think of what is stressing you the most and eliminate it

It’s very common in humans to pity ourselves and think that we cant change our circumstances. Some call it learned helplessness (I’ve been there to) others say its the world out to get them.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

You can change your life!

Start small and make a list of what is bothering you and work towards changing or eliminating it.

If its your job, look for something else. Maybe its the stress of running your home with kids? Figure out what you can do to make it easier for yourself (such as organizing or getting rid of stuff you don’t want, need or use) and do it.

Small steps are still steps in the right direction, you just have to do keep working towards them.

46. Sing

Do you love to sing?

I sing in the shower, the car, in line at the grocery store and when I’m working. It is such a stress reliever and its just plain fun.

47. Light candles

If you are someone that finds joy in the look and smell of candles then this is the self care tip for you.

Burn candles regularly to lift your mood and create less stressful atmosphere.

48. Spend time with animals

Get a house pet, go to the zoo or check out an animal shelter to get an animal fix.

I am a huge animal lover so this one is defiantly up my ally.

You can even take the kids with you which doesn’t seem like it would be considered self care for moms but see how you feel after.

Concluding self care ideas for mothers

You don’t have to do only one of these every single day, switch it up. As long as you are doing something for yourself you are on the right track.

You may feel guilty for doing something for yourself but remember, your doing it for your own well being which will drastically benefit your children and how you are raising them.

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