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Stop the boredom! Why you should be rotating your toys bi-weekly

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Does your toddler have an unlimited supply of toys? Do they seem to get bored easily with their toys and not want to play with them? Do they leave all of their toys out and about for you to pick up? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article on why you should be rotating your toys is defiantly for you!

My son has so many toys I can’t even keep with them all! I mean there are toys EVERYWHERE you look, EVERYWHERE you step and EVERYWHERE you sleep! That’s a lot of toys and the worst part, he only plays with a small handful of them.

So why are all his toys scattered throughout the house? One reason is because he wants to play with them all but gets so overwhelmed by the big selection of toys that he only plays with them long enough to get them out of his toy bin. Thus creating a disaster of a house.

Why you should rotate your toddlers toys

1. Less cleanup

If your looking to declutter your house a bit then rotating your kids toys will defiantly help!

2. More use out of their toys

When a child has to many toys they tend to get overwhelmed by the huge selection and don’t know what toys to play with. Therefor only playing with them for a short period of time and becoming bored.

This prevents them from reaching into their imagination and being creative with their toys. Put only a couple toys around at a time and you can see how much more imaginative they become.

3. Easier to degerm

Are there any other germaphobe mommas out there? If you only keep a handful of toys out at a time then it becomes easier to sanitize them because you will have less to clean each time. The best time to sanitize their toys is when you are putting them away for the next rotation. That way they are ready to be stored away until there being rotated again.

Side note- I try to clean all his toys in the dishwasher and if it can’t go there then I just wipe them down with hot soapy water.

4. Less mess on the floor

Your house will look and feel so much cleaner and more organized, which I know us busy mommas so badly crave a clean house!

Toddlers playing with their toys

How to rotate your toddlers toys

1. Pick where you want to store them

Weather it be a closet, in the garage or attic, or maybe under a bed. Choose a convenient place that you can get to easily.

2. Gather all of the toys

Get every toy you are wanting to rotate and put in a pile.

3. Sort the toys

Sort the toys into different groups. For example, make a pile for cars, a different pile for stuffed animals, a different pile for artsy stuff and so on.

4. Get containers

Now that you have an idea of what you want to rotate get containers to put the toys in, making sure they will stack easily where ever you decided to store them. Get an extra container for each category. I also recommend labeling each container that way when you go to rotate, you know exactly what’s in the box.

Side note– I know sometimes funds can get short, I know for me they do! What I recommend is using old boxes to store their toys instead of containers. At least until you find a good deal on containers.

If you don’t have any boxes yourself you can always check with local stores, they usually have some they are going to toss. But make sure you are still labeling the boxes to get the best use out of them.

5. Pick one-two toys for each category and leave out for play

6. Put old toys in the extra bins

Remember when I said to get an extra bin for each category? Every time you go to rotate their toys put the toys that were just out in the extra bins. That way you never have to worry if you put that toy out last time.

7. Rotate bi-weekly

This isn’t a set in stone rotating plan, do what works best for your household. If one thing doesn’t work, try another until you find what works.

You can also try this method from creating marys home where she used only 3 containers, put a variety in each container and then just rotated those containers. Doubling the use of that same bin as the toy bin.

I hope you found this article on why you should be rotating your toys, helpful! I would love to hear what worked and didn’t work for you in the comments!

Want a free printable checklist on how to rotate your toddlers toys? Check out the free resource library!


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Toddlers playing with all their toys creating a mess.

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