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Tips To Speed Up Labor Naturally (That Actually Work)

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How to help labor along

Being pregnant is such a remarkable journey that many women get to experience. You get to watch your baby grow from the outside getting bigger and stronger as they prepare to exit the womb. You are enjoying pregnancy so much you wish you could be pregnant forever!

Ok, that last statement was a bit of an embellishment! Pregnancy is an exciting and unique experience but by the end of the nine months, you’re so ready to get that baby out and get your body back.

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Am I right?

But… What if they decide to take their time and are just too darn comfortable and content in your belly?

It’s important to keep in mind that if your body isn’t ready for labor, none of these methods will work. But doing these things could help put you just a little bit closer towards delivering your beautiful baby.

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Speeding up labor to meet your baby.

How to know if you are in labor.

This is a question every single pregnant woman thinks about at one time or another. All to often we hear stories of other mamas that rush to the ER thinking they are in labor when in fact they are not.

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Ever heard of false labor also known as Braxton Hicks? Braxton Hicks contractions are basically extremely weak contractions that could start around your fourth month of pregnancy.

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These weak contractions are just your body’s way of getting ready for the big event, LABOR, AND DELIVERY.

Here’s how you can tell if it’s REAL LABOR.

1. Contractions come at regular intervals.

Unlike Braxton hicks contractions that come irregular intervals. True labor contractions will come at regular intervals and become closer and closer together depending on how far in the labor process you are.

2. If movement does not stop the contraction.

Braxton hicks contractions tend to dissipate with movement whereas real labor contractions will not.

Here is how to speed up labor

1. Walking

A pregnant woman walking to get her baby moving down the birth canal.

Walking is a great way to jump start labor. When your body is positioned in an upright position it encourages your baby to move lower and closer to the birth canal.

Grab your kids or a girlfriend and go for a walk in the park, walk about your house or walk up and down stairs. It doesn’t matter where you are walking as long as your are walking.

2. Pressure points

Pressure points are single points on your body where you apply pressure. These points can help start labor. Here are 6 easy ways to find pressure points you can try to help kick start labor and delivery written by Healthline Parenthood.

 This article also gives you images so you can see exactly what you are looking for.

3. Squatting

Squatting is a good exercise to do throughout your whole pregnancy because it helps you prepare for labor and delivery by strengthening your hips, legs, and pelvic floor.

All of these are muscles are used during the birthing process. Doing squats can help open your pelvic area thus, allowing more room for the baby to move down and towards the birth canal.

4. Climbing stairs

This lets gravity do the work of bringing your baby down closer to the birth canal. As you walk up stairs (especially if walking up two at a time) opens your pelvis even more giving baby more room to move down.

5. Sex

Sex is a good labor starter for a number of reasons, first, it gets you moving (which is awesome for jump-starting labor) but when having an orgasm you realease oxytocin, which causes your uterus to contract (contractions).

If you ask anyone how you can induce labor I bet the #1 answer will be to have sex, because it totally works.

6. Nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulation helps jump start labor because it mimics breastfeeding. When a woman is breastfeeding a hormone called oxytocin is released. This hormone causes the uterus to contract.

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Think about with your previous children. Do you remember feeling contractions while you were breastfeeding after you had your baby?

During pregnancy, your uterus stretches to the size of a watermelon to accommodate a growing baby. Once you give birth your uteres has to now go back to it original size.

Hence why you may feel contractions while breastfeeding. That is your uterus shrinking back to normal size.

Isn’t that so fascinating?

7. Change positions or move around often

A pregnant woman eating in bed to relax

Moving around often helps move your bones and muscles letting your baby find the best route through your birth canal.

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8. Tea

Tea such as Raspberry leaf tea helps because it has properties to strengthen your uterus and help it to contract.

9. Warm Bath

Soaking in a warm bath helps you to relax. There has been some evidence that being tense can prevent the start of labor. So you want to relax as much as possible.

If you’re already in early labor you may not want to take a bath because it could slow down contractions (what you don’t want).

Keep in mind, if your water has broke, do not take a bath.

10. Stay home

If you go to the hospital to soon your body might stop labor even if you were already in early labor. Because hospitals tend to make people tense and tighten up.

If your in early labor and go to the hospital, you could stop labor.

11. Dance

This is a super fun way to kick labor into high gear. Dancing is usually done in a standing position which allows gravity to do it’s job and help baby drop down closer to your pelvis.

Constant movement lets your baby’s head put pressure on your cervix, which helps you dilate.

In order to deliver your baby vaginally your cervix needs to be 100 percent thinned and 10 centimeters dialted.

So get dancing, mama!

12. Exercise ball

Bouncing on a ball helps get baby down and into the correct position for labor and delivery. The bouncing motion is letting your baby’s head push on your cervix repeatedly helping promote the start of labor.

13. Essential oils

It’s been thought that essential oils help promote labor. In this post, does essential oils help to induce labour? She goes over the pros and cons of each essential oil that could be used for labor and delivery.

It’s defiantly a must read if your wanting to try oils this go around.

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Concluding tips to speed up labor

These are not guaranteed ways to induce labor. If your body is not yet ready, labor won’t start no matter how much you try. Be patient and you will meet your beautiful baby soon.

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Tips To Speed Up Labor And Delivery (That Work)


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