What The First Weeks With A Newborn Are Really Like

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Newborn babies can be such a joy in your life, they’re so cute and tiny and so sweet and innocent. But let me be the first to tell you, HAVING A NEWBORN BABY IS NOT EASY. That is unless your one of those lucky mamas that has an easy baby! Weather your a first time mama or on baby #3, the newborn phase does not get any easier. Sure, you might know what to expect the next go around but that doesn’t mean babies magically become dependent on themselves. There are however things that will make the first weeks with a newborn baby easier for you and them. You can find my list of items that helped my newborn have an easier time adjusting to life in my free resource library that you can have full access to by signing up for my weekly newsletter.

So many things are happening to you after you have a baby. You’ve got raging hormones, soreness down below, uncertainty about having a new baby, tender, milk filled and engorged breasts and a complete lack of sleep. Here is a post I wrote on what happens to your body after giving birth you might be interested in reading. You might be thinking, how am I supposed to care for this tiny baby when I can barley care for myself right now? Or maybe that’s just what I thought! I struggled hard the first weeks home with my newborn baby but you don’t have to!

What its like the first weeks home with a newborn baby

Your baby is going to sleep, ALOT! What people might not tell you is that they will also be awake, ALOT.

Newborn baby sleeping

“There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Babies have other needs besides sleeping, they do a lot of eating, pooping and spitting up a ton. The first weeks home with a newborn will put you in a daze! You don’t have a routine down pat yet because things are still so new, even if you have gone through this before.

When your baby is breastfeeding, they are going to want to eat a ton during the first few days and nights home. Did you know that your baby looses about 7-10% of their birth weight after you have delivered them? It sounds scary but is perfectly normal! I mean your not the only one going through this major life change. They have to also adjust to living outside the womb.

It is recommended that you feed them every 2 hours (even through the night) until they have reached their birth weight. I know what you might be thinking! I am not going to wake my sleeping child to nurse, they will wake up when their hungry. Yes they will but, they may also choose sleep over eating because there body is so stressed from birth.

I never had to wake my son to nurse because he never slept! He was up every 45 minutes for what felt like the entire first month of his life. Until we figured out what made him comfortable. If you are having trouble getting your newborn baby to sleep, this is the perfect list for you, mama! You can grab this free list in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY full of amazing printables for you and your growing children.

What does your baby need the first weeks home?

1. Food

This is often something we feel the mom guilt about because we so badly want to do what’s best for our babies but often have no idea what is actually best for them. Are you totally winging parenthood? Check out this post I wrote on mom guilt so you can find some closure and start enjoying motherhood. Should we breastfeed, should we formula feed or should we do both. I’m going to stop and let you know right now that what ever you choose is perfectly fine for your baby! As long as they are being fed than you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing for them!


mama breastfeeding newborn

With this comes the stress of thinking “are they getting enough milk from me” “my supply is dropping what do I do?” what if I have to stop breastfeeding?” “Do I introduce formula?” “is there a formula for breastfed babies?” There are so many questions that arise with just this one topic and it causes so much stress on you during those precious new days with your baby.

Your baby is going to be eating a ton during the first couple days also know as cluster feeding. This is natures way of helping your milk supply come in. Your baby might want to eat every 30 minutes for what could be 5 minutes at a time or 50 minutes at a time. It is totally up to your baby.


What if your baby doesn’t sleep that well? Remember above when I mentioned my baby didn’t sleep more than 45 minutes at a time? It took me a while to figure out exactly what he needed to be comfortable which you can find in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY. There are many things you can do to make them comfortable which I talk about in this post on how you can get your baby sleeping through the night.

Diaper Change

During the first month with a newborn you will be going through 8-10 diaper changes a day. If your child is like mine it was more! Babies poop and pee a lot during their early life! That’s at least 200 diapers in the first month! According to Clark Condensed the average diaper use for the first year of life is 2750 which is actually on the low end!

Going through the newborn phase can put you in a daze! You have no schedule yet, your baby isn’t sleeping much, they are crying a ton and you can’t figure out how to soothe them, and you are changing their diaper, ALOT. All this equates to you not getting much sleep, mama. Which is what makes this phase the hardest!

The best thing you can do is try and establish a routine for your new family. Figure out what comforts and soothes them. You can start with my list of items to make the newborn phase easier! Which you can find this and much more in my free resource library.

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Curious about what the next year is like for your baby? Take a look at this post on your babies growth spurts during their first year of life.

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