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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

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Hospital bag checklist

You’ve done it all, set up the nursery, picked out a couple viable names, you even picked out what hospital room you want to deliver in. Now all that’s left to do is pack your hospital bag.

This is probably the most overwhelming part of the whole pregnancy (who am I kidding, your pregnant, your hormones are ragging.. EVERYTHING is overwhelming). Are you still decided on a name for your soon to be newborn baby? Look at these lists of adorable baby names. Baby girl baby names, earthly baby girl names and baby boy names.

For instance, if you are googling “what to pack in your hospital bag”, then you will then be bombarded with all kinds of lists of things to stuff in that one little hospital bag. Truth is, you wont even use most of it. Believe me, when I went into labor I was prepared (not for the act of delivery itself) but I had even more then I could possibly need.

I have one of those husbands who is overly prepared for everything, and I love him for that. I had an entire ruck sac bursting at the seams with anything you could possibly think of, and it was totally unnecessary!

what you actually need in your hospital bag
what you should pack in your hospital bag

What to pack in your hospital bag.

1. Birth plan

In all honesty, if your anything like me, then the only thing you can think of during labor is how to stop the pain and how your going to get this tiny human being out of your who ha. For this reason, having your birth plan ready so all necessary people can see, lets you focus more on getting your job at hand done. When I went into labor I didn’t have a birth plan and looking back, I totally regret it!

2. Hospital paperwork

To speed up the check in process, have all the necessary paperwork filled out ahead of time and bring any insurance documents and photo ID’s you may need as well.

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3. Chapstick

I don’t think I would have gotten through delivery without this. Possibly, because they don’t give you anything besides ice chips, at least if your planning on having an epidural (which I totally did).

4. Nipple cream

In fact, if you plan to breastfeed then this is one of the most important things to have in your to go bag. The hospital will however, provide you with this but I recommend getting a brand that is smooth and easy to apply. The hospital gave me Lanolin cream by Lansinoh, which I found to be very sticky and painful to apply to my already sore nipples. I was actually given boob-ease as a gift from my sister at my baby shower and I was so thankful because I had no idea of what brand would work better for me. I am so glad I decided to pack it in my hospital bag!

5. Travel pillow

I used a travel pillow instead of a boppy pillow because it was smaller and more compact to fit in my to go bag. Make sure to bring an extra one for your significant other to sleep with.

6. Phone chargers

7. Going home outfit for you

Make sure its something loose fitting so you are comfortable, you will probably be wearing an adult diaper of some kind so baggy helps to cover it up. Not to mention you will probably still look somewhat pregnant.

8. Going home outfit for baby

Take a couple different sizes just incase. You’ll have a good idea of the size your baby will be but you never know exactly until their born. I took a newborn and three month outfit, my little needed the newborn one.

9. No slip socks

Bring a pair for each day you will be at the hospital, those floors are dirty!

10. Plastic bag for dirty laundry

11. Robe

I had my baby in October and still used a lightweight robe. However if you prefer, you can pack a warmer robe but you probably won’t need it. Your body goes through so much during labor and at least for me, I had a lot of hot flashes so lightweight was better.

12. Breastfeeding friendly nightgown

Something simple and cheap because you may not want to keep them after your hospital stay.

13. Hair tie

I had packed so much stuff in my bag that there were things I couldn’t find when I needed them, like a hair tie. I ended up asking one of the nurses to give me theirs. But not only did they give me theirs they put my hair up for me, talk about great accommodations:)

14. Toiletries

Things like; shampoo and conditioner, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush. I recommend getting the travel size so they take up less room in your bag.

15. Flip flops

If you plan to shower, this is a must!

16. Snacks and drinks

17. Cash for the vending machine

18. Nursing bra

19. Ear plugs

I didn’t take these to the hospital and it is one of my biggest regrets!

20. Bath towel

21. Blanket for your significant other

22. Tablet with pre downloaded books and shows

23. Change of clothes for your significant other

24. Pediatricians contact info

One thing I didn’t know prior to delivery was that the pediatrician you choose comes to the hospital to give your baby their first checkup. If you don’t have one picked out, the hospital will contact your insurance company and bring in your baby’s default doctor. We had a doctor picked out but we didn’t make any kind of arrangements with them prior to delivery, and they went out of town when my son was born. That was a mistake on our part because they sent us our sons default doctor and I was not happy with who they chose!

25. Contacts or glasses

26. Bathing suit

If you think you will be extra warm during labor, take a bathing suit. That way you can try and cool down without bearing it all for everyone to see.

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