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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

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So we talked about what to pack in your hospital bag, now lets talk about what you don’t need in your hospital bag.

Here is a list of what you don’t need in your hospital bag!

1. Notebook and pen

The hospital will already give you printouts at the end of your stay with any information you will need to care for your baby. If you feel like something was missed, ask them to print it for you. This will save space in your bag for other things.

2. Underwear

The hospital will give you these really comfortable mesh underwear, so there is no need to take more with you. But make sure you have them handy when you get home.

3. Maxi pads

You will be given these at the hospital and they will even send you home with some.

4. Diapers/wipes

If you are wanting a specific brand I would take some but the hospital will provide all the necessities for your baby.

5. Formula

If you are planning on formula feeding then your baby will be given formula from the hospital. Did I already mention your baby will be provided with whatever he or she may possibly need?

6. Jewelry

There is no need to look fancy during your hospital stay. If you are wanting photos taken at the hospital, natural is better when it comes to those raw, unfiltered first family photos.

7. A breast pump

Your milk wont even come in until about 3 days after delivery so a pump is not necessary at this point.

8. Nursing pads

Your milk wont be in yet so there wont be to much leaking, a nursing bra will work just fine.

9. Makeup

I took this thinking I wanted to look my absolute best. yeah No, I was so tired from giving birth and the lack of sleep with a new baby that I didn’t even think about brushing my hair let alone applying makeup.

10. Fan

Unless you naturally are really warm or are having your baby during a heat wave then this is not necessary. The hospital has air conditioning so your room will be fairly cool.

11. Games

I took games thinking I needed a way to entertain my guests, but the last thing anyone thought about was playing a game. Everyone was so interested in the events of labor and meeting your precious little one, there was no time for anything else.

I hope this guide helps you in determining what to pack in your hospital bag! If you have any other ideas or what to share what you did pack and didn’t use let us know in the comments.


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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

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