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What Your Toddler Needs You To Know

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Hi Mommy, I just want you to know a few things that I want to tell you but can’t because my development isn’t that advanced just yet. One day it will be but for now all I can express is jibber jabber and some frustration because I can’t express my emotions. I love you so much mommy and I really try to always make you proud but sometimes it’s hard. Here is what your toddler needs you to know about them.

What your toddler want’s you to know

1. I’m trying my hardest

I’m trying my hardest to live up to your expectations but mommy, there very high and sometimes I just cant. Don’t be angry at me mommy, I’m still learning.

2. Please stop the rough tickle

I know I laugh but I don’t really like to be tickled. It’s a reflex reaction I can’t control but mommy, it hurts and I don’t like it.

3. I’m sorry I made a mess

I’m exploring and testing my boundaries because that my job right now. One day I promise to help you pick it up but I just think it’s fun to throw different things to see what they do and how you react to them. Sometimes I will even make a mess to get your attention because we haven’t made eye contact in at least three minutes.

4. I want to be just like you

Even if I am a boy I like to use your makeup sponge like you because I see how much fun you have doing it. Besides, its a fluffy pretty sponge and I must see exactly how it works, smells and tastes. This doesn’t define who I am, mommy. I just want to do the things you do because I love you so much.

5. I like your phone, A LOT

Your phone is a very complex toy mommy and I must see how it works and what all the buttons do. Don’t be mad if I get you locked out, I was only trying to play and explore because I’m growing and learning and that’s what I do.

6. Snacks are my favorite food group

They are so yummy and my belly really enjoys eating them much more than the green beans on my plate. Don’t you over indulge with your snacks mom? I don’t mean to be so picky they are just so good, snackies, snackies snackies.

7. Sleep- I would rather play

I really don’t mean to fight my sleep. I am just learning so many cool and exciting things and I simply cannot stop thinking about them. Sometimes causing me to have a hard time sleeping.

8. Big emotions

I’m sorry I’m have a tantrum and can’t calm down. These emotions I’m feeling are really big and new to me and I don’t know how to handle them yet. Please don’t yell at me for it, I’m really trying to handle them the best I can.

9. Please don’t yell at me

When you yell at me it makes me feel really small. I know that I am small but my emotions and heart are bigger than you think and it hurts when you get angry with me. Mom, did you know yelling can cause long term behavioral effects on me? Take a look here to see how yelling can affect me and here to see how you can become a more patient and positive parent to make sure I grow up to be a healthy minded adult.

10. Love me

When I feel loved it makes me work even harder to do better for you mom because I know how proud of me you will be and I only want to make you happy.

11. I get overwhelmed

I’m overwhelmed sometimes to. I am trying to learn all kinds of new things and sometimes it’s just to much for me to handle. So I act out in frustration because I want to do it all.

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What you toddler needs you to know

Your toddler tries really hard to tell you things in a way they are able. Remember, they are still growing and developing and it’s our jobs to be patient and continue to teach them right and wrong. If your toddler sees you getting frustrated they will also become frustrated so it’s extremely important to remember patience (no matter how hard it may be). Meraki Lane has a pretty good post on how to be a better mother:11 ways to be a more patient parent.


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