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Working From Home With Children(without losing your mind)

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How To Work From Home With Kids

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a work at home mom, getting any kind of work done with toddlers at home seems impossible. One thing we all have in common is, we have stuff that needs to be done.

Cooking, cleaning, laundry, phone calls, appointments, emails, work. The list goes on and on.

I am going to show you exactly what you need to do to keep your toddlers busy so you can start getting more done in a day without making your kids feel neglected.

Working from home is possible, if you put these tips into practice! Save this to Pinterest to learn more.

A home office space to complete working at home

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How to get work done while working at home

I’m going to show you how to be a productive stay at home mom who also works at home. It will take a little routine work but if you stick with it you are sure to start getting your tasks accomplished and more done during the day.

1. Create a home office space

Find a space in your home that could be used only for your workspace. I would not recommend a high traffic area like the kitchen table because it would cause too many distractions for you to get any work done.

Make sure the space is functionable and well lit.

Find an old card table or a hard surface somewhere in the house that can act as your table. You can even grab this inexpensive table desk from amazon.

You just need enough table space to do your computer work from home but at the same time it doesn’t take up a ton of space. Noone likes clutter because it tends to overtake our mind and getting any work done will be impossible.

2. Important work during sleep time

Leave important work like phone calls for when the kids are asleep. Do you just hate when your talking on the phone and your toddler starts screaming at the top of their lungs (or at least that’s what mine does)?

Put the kids down for a nap (hopefully at the same time) and then get the more important tasks done during this time.

Trust me, it will be so much easier when their asleep.

3. Create a to-do list

According to HuffPost, you are 42% more likely to complete a task if you write it down.

4. Offer a reward

I don’t mean give yourself a tall glass of wine for each day you complete (but go ahead, there’s no judging you here!).

Offer your kids a reward for good behavior. Giving your child a reward shows them that you recognize their good behavior and they will do more of it.

The CDC has an article on the steps for creating a reward system and it’s pretty simple to do.

Children want your approval and want to obey you, if they are not doing this then it could be because you are not giving them what they need (which is usually quality attention from you).

Which leads me to my next point.

5. Spend quality time early in the morning

A mother spending quality time with her kids in the morning

You might be wondering exactly how can I work from home when my children are so needy all the time?

There is a very basic answer to this but one that will give you the best results.

Spend quality time with them early in the morning. As mentioned above, your kids crave your attention. So give it to them early in the morning so you can have a few hours of them being less clingy.

If a few hours pass and they are wanting your undivided attention again, take some more time to give them that quality time. Do an activity, read a book, have lunch together as long as your giving them your attention.

6. Create a toddler workspace near your workspace

Your toddler is constantly learning and when they see you getting work done, they want to get work done too!

Create a space for your toddler to get their own work done while you work.

I do this with my toddler and he loves it!

I have my computer desk set up in the corner of the living room and right next to it I have this table set up for him while he plays on his leapfrog computer or his tablet.

7. Plan for activities

Kids, especially smaller ones need to always be doing something. Set up activities that will keep them busy. The key to this is finding activities they don’t need much help doing.

An indoor obstacle course is a good one, I set this up throughout my house using electrical tape (it’s all I had at the time), chairs, these tunnels, and this table.

He goes over chairs, under tables, through tunnels by following the tape.

That was a couple weeks ago and he is still playing with it!

Bonus tip: keep a couple super fun activities set aside for emergencies.

Maybe an important phone call or some sort of fire you have to put out. My son absolutely loves glow sticks and only gets them on occasion. This would be a perfect emergency activity to pull out in a flash.

It’s low prep, you literally take it out of the container, snap it and shake it and it’s lit for hours.

8. Set up a clock or timer

Grab this clock and these markers and color the hours for quiet time, nap time or work time whatever you chose to put. You can even use this timer. That way your kids have a better understanding of when they have to do let “mommy get things done time”.

9. Get up earlier

A mother getting out of bed early to start her day.

If your anything like me then getting up early in the morning is the last thing you want to do. But it could become necessary so you can get a head start getting your work done.

Whether it’s a half-hour, an hour or even two hours early. It’s a good way to catch up on late work or get a head start on the current day’s tasks.

10. Take breaks

As hard as it will be to take a break when there is so much that has to get dome, it’s important to do so. Not only so you can keep creating quality work but also so you can give your mind and body a break.

Giving yourself a break, whether it be to eat a meal, play with the kids or sit outside drinking coffee while the kids play.

You will be more productive if you take breaks.

11. Catch up on the weekend

I know what your thinking mama. Why in the heck would I work on the weekend? This is a question I often ask myself!

Truth is, we just need that extra time to get work done. If you set your mind up with the idea of having the weekend to work, it will be less stressful during the week when the kids just won’t let you get anything done.

12. Keep snacks close by

Toddlers love to eat, a lot! Or at least they like to snack a lot (or is that just my little food monster?) Keep some snacks handy for when your kids get hungry. This will keep them more focused and busy for just a little while longer.

It could be anything from apple slices to Cheetos, something that will fill their little bellies. After all, a hungry toddler is a cranky toddler and you won’t get much done if their having a hard time.

13. Make a schedule

Kids thrive on routine. Have you ever switched something up on your kids and got a horrible reaction?

It’s because kids NEED to know what to expect or need to know what is going to happen next. Ahead of time so their brains can process it.

We have a firm schedule at my house and it has helped me get so much more work done!

Ever hear of a mama asking for advice on getting her baby to sleep easier or sleeping through the night. The #1 answer is usually to put a bedtime routine in place?

That’s because they have to be able to foresee what is coming next.

Very Well family has a very simple way of creating a schedule for your kids that you should totally check out.

14. Get ready first

Start your day by washing your face, brushing your teeth and getting dressed. it’s a proven fact that by getting ready for the day you will be way more productive.

I know you know what I mean, mama. How many time have you been in your pajamas and just had no energy to get those dishes done. But the second you got ready just a little bit you were ready to start scrubbing floors with a toothbrush?

Get yourself ready!

Concluding working from home with baby or toddlers

The biggest stay at home mom advice I can give you is that you won’t get all of your work done in one “work schedule” or “work day”. It’s just not going to happen with small children at home.

But there are things you can do to occupy them while you get more work done.

I’m not saying to leave your kids unattended all day while you works from home. But there are things that you can do to make working from home much easier on yourself and the kids.

Take it from a mama of a clingy toddler! If I can get my toddler to occupy himself for small stretches, you ABSOLUTELY can too!

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