Your Babies Growth Spurts During Their First Year Of Life

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one year old done with his growth spurts for babies

Did you know by the time your baby reaches their first birthday, they will be at least three times their birth weight? Babies grow more in their first year of life then they do at any other point in their life!

What exactly is a growth spurt you ask? According to Merriam-Websters dictionary, a growth spurt is defined as “an occurrence of growing quickly and suddenly in a short period of time.” This totally makes sense because babies grow, FAST! Have you heard these expressions often referring to babies? “please stop growing”, or “they grow so fast” or my favorite and one I often use is “you blink once and their not a baby anymore”. It’s so true!

Your babies most important job in their first year of life is to grow! That might seem like an easy task for a baby but its actually hard work! Keep reading for growth spurts in babies first year!

Common ages of growth spurts in the first year

1. 2-3 weeks

2. 4-6 weeks

3. 3 months

4. 6 months

5. 9 months

6. 12 months

It’s important to remember that not all babies are the same as these times may very slightly from one baby to the next. If you’ve hit the 4-6 week mark and see no change in your babies behavior don’t worry, it will happen as all babies grow or they just adapt really well to growing.

Signs of a growth spurt

There are a few common signs that most babies will show when going through a growth spurt. But not all babies will show every sign, every time.

1. Increased appetite– since your baby is working hard on their growth development, their body is burning extra calories. So they will require a higher calorie intake for these growth spurts.

Quick note- if your breastfeeding, don’t assume your baby isn’t getting enough breastmilk and start supplementing. It could be as simple as their going through a growth spurt and just require a little extra breast time.

2. Fussiness– this could be due to their growing pains. Do you remember ever having a growing pain? They are very uncomfortable! This will in turn make your baby a little bit needier, as they want mom to snuggle them until its over. How many of us can honestly say we don’t to a degree enjoy these growth spurts? I mean baby snuggle time is the best time!

3. Increased sleep– Your baby is using a lot of energy to grow, so they will require extra sleep. Which for us busy moms is a sigh of relief! You will have a little extra time either with your other kids or getting a little more done around the house.

4. Decreased sleep– Your baby could also sleep less due to growing pains. They may wake more in the night or take shorter naps during the day.

How to handle a growth spurt

1. Snuggle– the best thing you can do to comfort your growing baby is just to be there for comfort, and who doesn’t love a good snuggle session?

2. Extra food– your baby is extra hungry during a growth spurt and its okay to give them more than normal.

3. Clear your schedule– since your baby will be a bit more demanding, clear your schedule to allow more baby time.

4. Don’t wake up baby– you might be thinking “he’s been sleeping for a long time, should I wake him up?” I know I’ve been there, especially if he’s never slept that long. The answer a thousand times over is, NO let them sleep! Their body is working double time, so they need extra rest.

Growth spurts in babies first year are common, but not all babies go through them at the same time. Also not every baby or even the same baby has the same signs every growth spurt, so follow your babies cues to figure out what they need.

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